Wow! Rare Dolphin Stampede Caught on Video.

Via Lynn Hasselberger
on Jan 9, 2013
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Source: via Lynn on Pinterest

A humongous pod of about 1,000 Common Dolphins stampeded off the coast of Dana Point, California.

Like a herd of elephants, except more graceful.

Dolphin Safari wrote on the video’s YouTube page:

“The line of dolphins could be seen miles away churning up the water. The dolphins turned and stampeded directly over to the boat. Often this unusual behavior happens without warning or anything frightening them as was the case this time.”

According to Dolphin Safari, Dana Point, California has the greatest density of oceanic dolphins per square mile “of anywhere in the world”

Watching this video made me smile and gave me goosebumps. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

For a more sobering look at dolphins, there’s The Cove—a documentary I’m afraid to watch because I know it will break my heart. Hell, I can’t even watch Disney movies.

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4 Responses to “Wow! Rare Dolphin Stampede Caught on Video.”

  1. heidi says:

    So cool! I have to wonder though….why do we humans feel the need to comment during the entire event with facts. Can't we just enjoy without words:)

  2. Munni says:

    has anyone made any documentary on annual slaughter of whales or dolphins in Finland or Sweden (some scandanavian ciountry) to prove their manhood- that would be an interesting doco

  3. Linda V. Lewis says:

    This "stampede" happens also in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and can be seen from the cliffs of Cape Breton; and also in between feeding sessions off the Southern Island of New Zealand–where the Dusky Dolphins–smaller, only about 4 feet long but with big built-in smiles–swim and jump for joy so fast!

  4. Aunt Lynne says:

    Just watched the video. So beautiful and of course entertaining. Since I live a little south of Dana point, watching the video was extra special. Lance and your cousin Eric have both "surfed" with dolphins and it brings an extra high to what they are doing when enjoyiing the ocean. Thanks for sharing that. It made my day and what a great way to begin the week!