7 Ways to Build Your Home Yoga Practice. ~ Rosa Tagliafierro

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photo credit: Wikimedia Commons
photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

One of the biggest challenges for a yoga practitioner is to build up a self-practice at home. Why?

For me, it used to be a challenge to get out of bed early in the morning and practice at my place, though it was not an issue to jump and run to the yoga studio for my practice. Then, since my last journey to India to study Ashtanga Yoga at KPJAYI in Mysore (four months ago) I’ve become much better in alternating a home practice with a studio practice. What’s changed? Several subtle things.

These are the things I have learned:

1. Start building a home practice soon after you’ve gone through an intensive workshop, retreat, and so on. Those build momentum; then it’s much easier for you to keep it going.

2. Keep the rhythm; don’t stop! Once you start practicing at home, make it a routine—at least at the very beginning. It’s always tougher to start it again; if you build a history of interruptions, it will be difficult for you to pick the self-practice up again.

3. Celebrate what you have achieved in the self-practice. Your home practice at the beginning won’t be as ripe as your practice at your usual yoga studio. This is a matter of fact—it will take some time to zero in on the difference. In the meantime, focus on what you’re building instead of what you’re lacking.

4. Convince a friend/partner to practice with you. It will be a great support, particularly at the beginning.

5. Get the chosen place ready for your practice. Clean it, burn incense in advance if you like, put in a Ganesha or Buddha or whichever statue or picture you feel empathy with. Briefly, make the place sacred and create plenty of positive energy.

6. Define before starting which posture you will practice. When your mind tells you that maybe you can skip a few asanas that day, just smile and keep going.

7. Finally, keep going to a yoga studio whenever you can or whenever you feel like it, especially if you’re going through a tough time. The energy of the kula will support you and a proper teacher will help you deepen your practice.


Rosa TagliafierroRosa Tagliafierro is a professional photographer as well as a passionate and daily yoga practitioner currently based in Milan, Italy. She is the first Italian photographer specialized in yogascapes, pictures combining yoga and landscapes. ‘Yoga Anywhere, Anyhow’: this is the message Rosa tries to convey through her pictures that become ‘images of yoga, instants of life’. Yoga was life changing to her and since she met Ashtanga yoga, Rosa regularly flies to Mysore, India, to study it at the source. She has an intense desire to share that life transformation hoping to be of inspiration to others and she does it through her pictures, her teaching Ashtanga yoga and her website theprimerosephotography.com



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3 Responses to “7 Ways to Build Your Home Yoga Practice. ~ Rosa Tagliafierro”

  1. Gabriela says:

    I would just add that there are more and more yoga videos on youtube as well as websites where you can purchase yoga classes. My favourite is by far yogatoday.com that actually offers a free video per week, and yogawithles.com. They have dedicated instructors that I follow regurarly and that taught me almost everything I know about yoga as well as helped refine my practice. For me, home practice works much better than studio and of course, it is waaay cheaper. I agree though that studio practice gives you support from the instructor but if you're confident enough and passionate to build your routine and work at your own space, my experience is that home practice is an excellent way to expand your horizon. I started yoga in a studio and went there for 4 months. I've been doing yoga at home for almost 5 years now.

  2. Gabriela says:

    PS. The link to your website is broken.

  3. theprimerose says:

    Hi Gabriela, thank you for commenting. I have to say I've never tried the online classes, so I can't say about them. Though I feel more confident about having a competent teacher (and I say competent) supervising my asana practice, I do agree that – once the first impact with home practice is over – taking the proper time to explore the inner and outer self by itself it's invaluable! That also requires much more dedication and, in the end, that makes the lonely practitioner stronger in some way… Well, in ancient India a yogi used to learn yoga practice from a teacher though he was then supposed to go through it on his own… there must be a reason for that 🙂
    PS: thank you for letting me know about the link to my sebsite. Please try: http://theprimerosephotography.com/en

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