February 6, 2013

Democracy Schemocracy. ~ Tom Degan

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The organized criminal enterprise also known as the “Republican party” has come face to face with some ugly new realities as of late.

“Republican legislators in several states have begun pushing to apportion electoral-college votes by congressional district, a move that has Democrats up in arms. Had a similar scheme been in effect in 2012, nationally or in a handful of key states, Mitt Romney could have won the presidency despite losing the popular vote. Up to now, these efforts appear to have sprouted independently as the work of individual lawmakers in Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The Virginia plan has passed the state House of Delegates and could become law as soon as next week.” ~ Molly Ball (reporting in The Atlantic, 1/25/13)

The reelection of Barack Obama was a wake up call for those of them who have been bothering to pay attention. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has publicly chastised the GOP for being the “stupid party” (it was a courageous thing for him to say—he can kiss the 2016 nomination goodbye).
MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, a former congressman and staunch conservative, has stated on the air and in print that the time has come for that disgusting party to see the writing on the wall. They will either change with the times or they shall cease to exist very soon.
At one time I couldn’t stand Scarborough. I must admit, however, that he’s grown on me a bit in recent years. He’s still an unbearable bag of gas, but let us give credit where credit is due. He’s perfectly capable of that rare moment on the mountaintop, God bless ‘im.You would think that those crazy elephants would come up with a plan that would make them electable again—and they have. Only their “plan” has nothing to do with a drastic, much needed image makeover that would make them more ideologically palatable to the masses.

No; what they have in store for the American people is a scheme so blatantly unconstitutional that it would turn this nation into a banana republic—minus all those tasty bananas.

On Election Day 2012, President Obama took a lot of swing states that are controlled by Republican governors and legislators. Mitt Romney did alright in the sticks, but his problem was in the cities, which are filled to the rafters with all those nasty minority types—Blacks, Hispanics, college kids, the elderly, people who read books—the usual suspects.

African-Americans in particular tend to shy away from a political party whose public gatherings are starting to resemble a Nuremberg rally circa 1937. Their plan is to install an Electoral College deal in each of these states—with the bulk of the goodies (number of votes) going to the counties in the rural districts.

If this scheme had been law on November 6, Romney would today be jetting around the country in Air Force One, with an Irish Setter in a doggie crate strapped to the fuselage.

They tried everything humanly possible last year to deny the vote to the traditional progressive constituency. They forced the voters in Democratic-leaning districts to stand in line for hours-on-end, hoping that they would become bored and exasperated and go home in a huff.

It didn’t work obviously.

The people endured the heat of Florida and the cold of Ohio. Good for them. Because of their endurance, Barack Obama was reelected and Mitt Romney is today shooting at feral cats who dare to roam the property of any of his many homes.

What to do? If they are unable to suppress the vote via extra-legal means, then all they need to do is to make voter suppression perfectly legal. Problem solved! That was easy!

Well, maybe not.

Here is yet another reason that the reelection of Obama is something to be truly thankful for: had Mitt won on Election Day, he would have been in the position of installing another blabbering, right-wing derelict on the Supreme Court at the first opportunity.

When this assault on our democracy is signed into law in any of these states, you can bet next year’s crop that it will immediately be challenged in the Supreme Court.

You can also count on the fact that it will be shot down like a flock of brain-damaged geese.

The votes are there—even, I believe, from Chief Justice John Roberts. He has been eyeing his place in history lately, and I have a strong feeling that he’s terrified of ending up being eternally compared to Roger Brooke Taney, author of the infamous Dred Scott opinion (and a relative of mine I’m ashamed to admit). I believe that is the reason he surprised everyone by ruling favorably on the Affordable Health Care Act.

I am now more convinced than ever that the “Grand Old Party” will be extinct in ten years’ time. Recently John Boehner told an audience of “moderate” Republicans (they still exist???) that the president was attempting to shove their party into “history’s dust bin.”  That’s an unfair accusation. Their mortal wound is self-inflicted.
Unfortunately there is still time for them to do some serious damage to this country.

“God gave Noah the rainbow sign
No more water
The fire next time”

~ James Baldwin

Amazingly, Republican legislators in the aforementioned states aren’t attempting to hide what they are trying to do. RNC chairman, Reince Priebus, has even gone as far as giving the scheme his public stamp of approval.

This is arrogance at its most alarming and dangerous—this is a party that is attempting to overthrow this republic.

They will fail this time, but whom among us is to believe that they won’t resort to violence a few years down the road?

 It’s a damned good read.
  Tom Degan is a fifty-four year old video artist but now makes his name by writing about politics and current events on his blog, The Rant. “I was a Democrat, until they became GOP-lite. I am now nothing—a man without a party, as it were. That’s okay. I like the solitude. I am the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom….Okay, I’ll fess up. That’s a bald-faced lie. But I did get a ribbon of sorts when I was in the Cub Scouts.” Tom lives and resides in Goshen, NY, the most Republican little berg north of the Mason Dixon line. He’s “the most popular guy in town.” That’s also a lie. “I love children, little baby duckies and Glenn Miller’s recording of Moonlight Serenade. That’s the truth. So there.”

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