Free articles on yoga, green, family, travel, mindful living for your yoga studio’s newsletters & web site?

Via Brianna
on Feb 28, 2013
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Dear Yoga Friend,

We would like to partner with you by offering you free access to our rich collection of yoga and mindful living articles to use on your site and/or in your newsletters.

You have a community, but may not have the time nor writers and editors to offer enough relevant, fun, interesting, non-controversial content for your site or newsletter. We’d like to offer you a mutually-beneficial trade. This would include access to a library of free articles to use for your marketing purposes. All we ask is that you take no more than 50 percent and include a clear link back to the original article on on the bottom of the article. You could say “this video/article/blog comes courtesy our friends at elephant [linked]” or you can just say [for more, click here] and link that.

Article titles might include, “Five Steps to Rock Your Back Bends More Safely” by Sadie Nardini, “Meditation Instructions: One of the Simplest but Hardest Things to Do” by Michael Stone, “Your Sadness is Your Joy” by Kino Macgregor, and “Teaching Yoga: Keeping It Real” by Amy Ippoliti. We also will offer you hundreds of “non-yoga” articles that yogis will care about—family, recipes, health, travel, green.

Our mission is to share the mindful life and foster enlightened society. Let’s work together to do so.

Contact editorial at elephantjournal[dot]com for more information.


About Brianna

Brianna is a student of life. She lives with spontaneity but intention, playfulness but compassion, and ambition but flexibility. She is also a writer, photographer, outdoor junkie, traveler and dreamer.


15 Responses to “Free articles on yoga, green, family, travel, mindful living for your yoga studio’s newsletters & web site?”

  1. Brian Smith says:

    Is it only content that Elephant Journal have written, or can we plunder other author's content as well? Do these other offers mind?

  2. dianabonyhadi says:

    you guys are so cool. I always let my folks know when I have found a good article through you all.

  3. elephantjournal says:

    If you're interested, we give you access to a back-end file that offers articles we have permission for, which includes many authors.

  4. Amy says:

    I'm interested! I will be taking over the writing of our studio's newsletter when the current owner leaves town in a few months. While I plan to write most of the content myself, I would love the option of including relephant articles!

  5. Sunteerto says:

    That's cool free yoga articles from elephant that's will add some fun for me. Adding more collection about Yoga articles. Before I just know that Yoga is about how to get really peace on your inner. But maybe elephant journal have more than that.

  6. Amy, wonderful. Feel free to email me (brianna at elephantjournal dot com) whenever you’re ready. -Brianna

  7. dailydustings says:

    This is an awesome option! Thanks so much Elephant journal…You ROCK. I am in the process of opening a yoga studio in Indianapolis, IN. Tree House Yoga: This would be a tremendous help to me in the beginning and an amazing resource for future website /newsletter material. Much appreciated. I will email Brianna!

  8. elephantjournal says:


  9. VMCPMM says:

    what a great idea!

  10. Bernie says:

    That's really great news to knew that Elephant Journal bring Yoga in free. That's cool men. Maybe I could learning more Yoga from this Journal. Keep doing good Elephant Journal, we love you.

  11. It's an excellent article. A lot of thanks for your nice sharing. It's helps me out. Carry on………

  12. Great.. Hope Elephant publishes more of these.

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