God Made a Factory Farmer.

Via Karl Saliter
on Feb 7, 2013
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god made a farmer harvey ram super bowl

Here is Funny Or Die’s take on the, well, “heartland-cowboy-hat-pandering-let’s sell you a truck” Super Bowl commercial.

It features a more accurate look at farmers today, and at Dodge:


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Ed: Kate Bartolotta


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Karl is a circus artist sculptor writer miscreant gypsy, living in Mexico. He has written two novels, "Compassion's Bitch," and "Breakfast In A Cloud," and has published neither. He often feels as if he was born under a silver whale of a frisbee moon in the back of a red cartoon pickup truck. That careening down route 66 at speed, he leapt up into the cab, took the wheel, stuck his baby elbow out the rolled-down window, and that though the truck had awesome chrome mirrors, he never looked back. He hopes you frequently feel the same.


One Response to “God Made a Factory Farmer.”

  1. Kushal Malhotra says:

    Karl – Wow, that's less sad than it is funny… maybe lost in the irony of the joke is the buddhist view that god is in everything (including the 'bad' stuff)