February 9, 2013

Grey Matters: Crisis in Zimbabwe. ~ Gemma Catlin & Aaron Gekoski

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Elephant populations are rapidly depleting all around Africa due to poaching.

Yet in Zimbabwe, too many elephants are pushing Hwange National Park to crisis point.

Over the last few decades, the elephant populations have rapidly increased for a multitude of reasons, including prolonged periods of drought, human encroachment, loss of migration routes and artificial water supplies.

During Zimbabwe’s harsh summer months, the land can no longer effectively provide for Hwange’s wildlife. Each year, up to 50,000 malnourished and anxious pachyderms roam the park’s arid landscape in search of food and water.

The land is deteriorating, other species are suffering and the elephants are literally eating themselves out of house and home.

Authorities now face an impossible predicament: how to respond. Proposed solutions include contraception, translocation, culling and turning off the water supplies to let nature take its course. But there is no easy answer, and whilst resolution is searched for, more elephants will inevitably die.

This issue is a convoluted and complex one, surrounded by question marks and opinions.

The documentary, Grey Matters, listens to the experts and objectively examines the proposed solutions. The film offers a thorough investigation into this complex and multifaceted issue and provides an in-depth and impartial examination into one of Africa’s most important wildlife issues.


Ecomentaries is a production and media company that raises awareness for critical wildlife, community and environmental issues. We produce emotive mixed media content to provoke discussion, action and, ultimately, change. Formed in 2012 by Gemma Catlin and Aaron Gekoski, Ecomentaries is comprised of filmmakers, producers, directors, cameramen and photographers who believe in conserving the planet.



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