February 4, 2013

Inner Child. ~ Sarah Daigle

Deep as the ocean she breathes.
Patiently awaiting the gentle tide to come in and take away her thoughts.
Rolling through her hair,
Every strand being released
By the constant flow of consciousness
It sucks her in.

She yearns for a release.
Not the kind where you scream into a pillow.
But the kind of release where you look to the horizon
And everything your feeling goes completely out of focus.

photo: flickr.com | cuba gallery


The kind of release where escaping from your ego doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

As I talk about her
I’m clenching these pages,
Thinking the same thing,
Feeling the same words
That flow off this pen.

I’d advise her that everything will be okay, but will it?

Lessons will come in quicker than the change in season,
but you can’t stop these leaves from falling
Nor can you catch them all.

I’d tell her to stop holding onto the world
But sometimes our grip can be so strong that
Not even a flood can take away the marks.

So I breathe in union with her,
Hoping that maybe my waves will soothe her sand
Gently caressing her rough edges.


Sarah Daigle first found the asana practice of yoga back in 2004, primarily interested with the physical. Feeling tight in her body, lazy, no interest in exercise to begin with, and dealing with constant anxiety attacks, she knew a change needed to be made. At the time she was studying to be a music therapist, and working as a domestic violence advocate, developing groups in high school’s called Share Our Strength; her motivation was to help people in any way she could. As her interest grew in yoga, and her life began to shift she completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training. Since then she has received her 500 hour certification,  Thai Yoga Massage level 1 and 2 certification as well as her Reiki Master Teacher certification. Sarah’s devotion and understanding of this dynamic practice is exceptional and inspiring. She teaches from the heart and holds a practice that assists students in finding their inner power, truth, and love. She incorporates her music at the end of class in Savasana, singing Kirtan (devotional music) to relax and renew each of her students. Sarah has also been playing guitar and other instruments for 15 years. She is a singer/ songwriter who is working on both her personal acoustic album and a Kirtan album. You can find more information on her website.

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Assistant Ed:  Christa Angelo
Ed: Brianna Bemel

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