Interview with a Green Diva’s Hero, elephant’s Waylon Lewis. ~ Megan McWilliams

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on Feb 12, 2013
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I wanted to tap into the mind of the man who created elephant, which I find to be an extremely refreshing way to convey great information on a conscious lifestyle.

I’ve admired Waylon for a while. I’m a recovering magazine publisher—I published the first sustainable living magazine in the NY metro area, Relevant Times from 2006 to 2008. Waylon made that transition from print to digital look so easy.

He’s obviously an innovative force and I love reading his thoughtful articles and social media posts. I’ve always enjoyed the edgy sense of humor and lack of boundaries of elephant journal, which I suspect is an extension of Waylon’s personality.

Waylon took the printed magazine and made it greener by transitioning it into a highly successful digital publication. His business model enables elephant to create a community of energetic and passionate staff while offering a subscription model that is low-cost and low-stress. (Learn more about how to become a member!)

Click here to listen to the podcast of this fun Green Divas show!

More highlights from the show…

Being a Green Diva means caring about social issues and Green Diva (GD) Lisa is working with the Global Reports for the Caribbean on creating greater awareness about the Jamaican Lottery Scam. Through this scam, thousands of elderly are being duped into believing they won millions in the lottery, while these skilled scoundrels get vital information, such as social security numbers and bank account numbers from them. Sadly, the average scam victim looses $70,000! That’s just the average! Remember to talk with your seniors and make sure they don’t give their information out to anyone.

Green Dude Nino—the founder and CEO of—called in this week to talk about eco-tax deductions from energy-efficient technology.

This week’s DIY from Green Diva Mizar was all up upcycling your old t-shirts. We all have those t-shirts we just don’t wear any more and GD Mizar has a few ideas on what you can do with them to create something new.

Megan McWilliams

Green Diva Meg (aka Megan McWilliams, founder of The Green Divas) is an author, screenwriter, TV/radio/interactive content producer, blogger, product/book/restaurant/film/anything reviewer, humorist, radio show host, and recovering ex-publisher. She has been living, writing and getting the word out about low-stress, sustainable living to a broad and diverse audience for over 22 years and has been ‘green’ since before it was chic to be like Kermit The Frog.

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