February 8, 2013

Mirror, Mirror—Embracing the Reflection. ~ Danielle Weir

When I look at you, I see your spectacular shine.

It does not matter to me what you’re doing or saying or thinking—wherever you are, I see potential and light above all else. When I am unclouded by judgement or preconceived notions that sneak in as if they were mine, I can act from this place of pure knowing. It thrills me to be able to see you this way!

You help me see my own truest self.

Sometimes I am so excited about your beauty, I forget we’re still in our human bodies and though we’re all moving towards this same truth, the paths we walk are not identical. We often have no idea where someone else has been or where they are going, let alone where they currently stand. Sometimes we even forget where we stand ourselves. This realization presents an awesome challenge for me of recognizing when I am projecting.

And the subsequent epiphany: I am terrified of myself.

Ahh! Of course! I say that and giggle. Here I am, doing my little, ‘I-Am-Self-Aware’ jig, asking for signs, messages, people and opportunities to help me know my self better. And what does the Universe do?  She obliges—sending in butterflies and crickets, songs and poems, hawks and squirrels, mothers and fathers, (fairies and unicorns), numbers and letters, a lover from the past and suitor for the future. She happily offers constant reflections in mass supply.

I have certainly used my metaphorical shovel in copious amounts these last few years, digging up my wounds, fears and self-doubts—but standing in front of another and showing my self completely? Having them reflect back to me all the things in myself, light and dark? That is frightening. I recognized that as much as I say ‘I’m ready to love me,’ I haven’t completely acknowledged that that means truly facing what I’ve been hiding from.

I saw how I had been projecting my fears onto a wonderful man that popped back into my life. “He is too scared to step outside of what is comfortable and familiar in order to take a risk on all these things he says he wants out of life that are staring him in the face.” In other words, I’ve been too fearful of stepping into a relationship with my self that reflects all I want from my life. Too many times have I neglected Dani in order to keep staring into a mirror of a life I wasn’t even interested in.

I got in the habit of uprooting myself from my pot and replanting myself within foreign soil. And perhaps I just went soil hopping, forgetting to tend to my own specific needs for nourishment and survival.

It’s time to embrace my composite energies—the divine feminine along with the divine masculine—that fiery energy that is driven to take action and stand solid in my own grounding. It’s not just about saying, ‘I love me most,’ it’s about being my greatest partner and lover. It’s about cultivating, within, what I want to manifest outwardly.

When you just love you and don’t care about what happens outside of that love, all else falls perfectly into place. All answers come. All playmates arrive. All opportunities present themselves. Strength bubbles to the surface. Marching bands commence.

Confetti sparkles through the air. Sunshine gathers freckles and sprinkles them on your adorable nose and cheeks.

I’ve been told, and have come to acknowledge as truth, that everything that happens is a direct message from the infinite. When we are clear enough (open eyes, open ears, open heart), we can notice that there’s a message. When we’re even clearer, we can ask the questions that help us understand the message. With even more clarity, we can be open to hearing the answers. When there’s nothing in the way of our heart, the answers help guide us towards action. Action from a clear, centered heart is always in service of our highest and best self.

Life is a result of intentional habits. What habits are you currently exhibiting? Are they serving you? Are they bringing you closer to your self? To truth? Love? Compassion? Peace?

This game is not about judging or criticizing yourself, either. It’s about observing the places in your life that are perpetuating the things you say you don’t want and hindering the things you say you do want. From that simple observation you can begin to ask the questions that build a ladder out of the rabbit hole. No matter how far down you have gone, I assure you, you can climb out.

For all the beautifully mixed energies of the masculine and feminine that have stepped into my life to share this dance with me as both mirror and mirrored, eternal gratitude from my heart to yours. This flower is now rooted in the earth. No outside-imposed boundaries will keep away my sun and moon light or butterfly visitors. Remaining in my roots—this is my practice.

Your life is all about you. Dream like it. Think like it. Speak like it. Act like it.

 Danielle Weir: Transparency has lifted my veil so I can see you, and you can see me. I’m in deep romance with the moon and serenade her with my howl. When I eat, I leave no crumbs—please remember to lick your bowl without shame. I think crying is just as ecstatic as orgasm and encourage you all to prove me right. I love words. I love love. I am in love with you! More written meanderings of love found here.

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Ed: Apprentice Livesay/ Lynn Hasselberger

Photo sources: flickr.com via Nancy on Pinterest and desdemventana.blogspot.com via Kellie on Pinterest

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