February 14, 2013

The World’s Greatest Boyfriend. ~ Yonnus Becker

This morning, when my guy announced that he was taking me on a surprise trip and that all I needed to do was pack my bag and that I would learn the destination once we arrived at the airport, my first thought was, I have the world’s greatest boyfriend.

I went so far in my delight as wanting to post this fact on Facebook—it was then that I realized that I might just have a fight on my hands, as I am sure many other women also believe that they have the world’s greatest boyfriend.

I sat down, smiled and thought, Wow, how lucky are we as women to have such amazing men in our lives. It is with this, that I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the World’s Greatest Boyfriends.

I met mine a year and half before we started dating; in fact, I had no idea that he had any interest in me. My greatest shock was finding out was that he chose to wait for me. Patience, a virtue long lost along with poems and a phone conversation. Patience, something so rare and yet I believe it is the one single ingredient that made our relationship so strong.

The beauty of patience is that we got to know each other—during this time we were able to cultivate an understanding, a respect, an appreciation, not to mention some serious attraction. This is not the easy choice, I understand; we know that it is the road less travelled.

But to the men who take their time, who are not swayed by the lure of instant gratification, thank you for being the World’s Greatest Boyfriend.

One day, I had received a phone call letting me know that some tests were being run on my mum—the outcome of which could very well change the rest of my life. I was distraught and heartbroken and on top of it, I had to teach a class in 45 minutes. I made it through the class (because as all yoga teachers know, it doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life, when you teach you are filled with an incredible energy of love and support that makes you feel like you have the strength to carry on.)

However, what healed my heart even more was that when I walked out of class, there standing in the parking lot, was my man with arms outstretched. Not a word was said, just a hug that filled my heart with all the words that my heart could hold. He took me to dinner, then home for a massage (the g-rated kind) tucked me in, kissed my forehead and drove home.

Nothing but love.

When we are broken, when our hearts that do so much healing need to be healed themselves, thank you, World’s Greatest Boyfriend, for the ability to give without the need to receive, for limitless compassion and your strong arms to hold us when nothing else in the world could make us feel so safe.

One night, while we were lying in bed, there was a noise in our backyard, right outside of the window—it was the first time I remember being scared in a long time.

My boyfriend, whose favorite nighttime outfit is nothing, jumped out of bed, reached into the closet and pulled out a shot gun, turned to me and said, “Stay here, lock the door behind me and call 911 if you hear anything unusual,” then stormed out the door, buck naked with shot gun in hand.

Who knew!

My man gets things done; I had no idea that when something went down, he kicked into “get shit done mode.” I have never felt more safe or taken care of.

So, for all the World’s Greatest Boyfriend’s, thank you for protecting us. Even if we think we don’t need it, we do and we extra love you for making us feel so protected and safe.

Lastly, there comes a time for whatever reason, when we are not looking our best and I, like every other woman I know, ask the question that we know we shouldn’t: “Do I look …?” (Fill in the blank.)

It doesn’t matter the question, the situation is always the same. Truth is, we probably look a little more like the blank than we would like to. However, chances are that knowing it isn’t going to make the situation better…at all.

I happen to have these moments every once in a while and each time I do, the response is something like this, “Are you kidding, you are the most sexy, beautiful woman and I still can’t believe that you are mine.”

How does he do that?

Not only do I believe him, I actually feel more beautiful—it’s magic.

Thank you, World’s Greatest Boyfriend, for that simple sentence that changes everything and transforms us into feeling like the most beautiful woman in the world.

I understand that dating these days is complicated; I understand that we live in a world where the lines are blurred and that a clear answer on how to be in a relationship can be challenging, but from someone who has one of the World’s Greatest Boyfriend’s, it is simple.

Love with an open heart and cherish the person who shares theirs with you.

Speak your truth, and if not, speak a truth that lets someone else shine a little brighter and protect it with everything you have, buck naked and all.


Yonnus Becker is the owner of Studio Surya Yoga in Venice Beach, CA. She is slightly obsessed with bringing love into the world. When she isn’t teaching you can find her in old book stores, cooking to Miles Davis, taking baths or celebrating everyday moments of life. You can find her here





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