Trapped Girl. ~ Catherine Fordham

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on Feb 14, 2013
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“Suddenly she hears a key in the front door! Someone is entering the apartment! A woman giggles…”

~ An excerpt from Trapped Girl, a short film by Catherine Fordham

Trapped Girl explores the moments of our lives when the ground shifts and everything is heightened, scary, and full of possibilities. It is scheduled to shoot in Brooklyn, this Spring. Catherine is raising funds on Kickstarter with her sweet quirky video, below.

Bell Grant, a twenty-something Brooklynite, is locked in her bathroom after the doorknob falls off. She’s supposed to be taking the GRE in a few minutes, in the city. It’s just beginning to dawn on her that she might be in her bathroom all day, missing her test entirely, then the deadline to apply for school, and so derailing her master life-plan.


(to herself)
For real? I’m not going to grad
school because I’m locked in the
fucking bathroom? Awesome, Bell,
amazing move. (beat) Fuck this.

Bell leaps up from the tub with renewed passion. She tears
apart her makeup bag and finds some small eye shadow
brushes. She sticks a brush in the doorknob hole and tries
to turn the mechanism. The brush breaks.

Defeated, she sits with her back to the door.


Bell curls up on the floor near the door, still in her
towel. She falls asleep.

When she jolts awake, she has no idea how long she’s been
sleeping. She looks in the mirror. She looks crazy, with bed headand sleep face.

Awesome. This is all going
according to plan. My perfect life
plan is all coming together.

She straightens her hair and puts on some mascara.
She goes back to the window.

Hello? Is anyone out there? I’m
trapped in my bathroom! Hello?
(beat) Does anyone know what time
it is…?

She eyes the door again. Oh, an idea! She searches through
her makeup bag again and finds a nail file. She goes to the door
and sticks it in the crack trying to move the latch. She
gets frustrated and just starts sawing away at it, manically.

Suddenly she hears a key in front door! Someone is entering
the apartment! A woman giggles… Bell looks through the
hole left by the doorknob and sees James (her boyfriend)
enter with a girl. They burst in, he slams her against the
wall and starts kissing her. He’s trying to get her shirt
off. Bell backs away from the key hole in horror.

Wait, I have to pee, where’s the

hello1Catherine Fordham is a Boulder-born, Nova Scotia-raised, Brooklyn-based actor, writer and filmmaker. She’s an Aquarius with a Gemini rising (ouch) and a Pisces Moon, which is an “imaginative placement” (phew).

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Ed: Kate Bartolotta


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