February 20, 2013

We Are Philosophers Everyday. ~ Sarah AbdulRazak

Our everyday thoughts are philosophical.

We communicate philosophically rather than factually 90 percent of the time. Apparently, that 90 percent is just another one of my philosophical insights.

Philosophy is an integral part of our daily thought processes that translate itself into interactive speech. I find it quite amusing how some skeptics disdain philosophy because they just don’t ‘get’ the subject. They don’t ‘get’ it because it is not simply set in stone.

The language that we speak, the morals and values that we behold, the systems that we follow all fall within the guise of philosophy. Ignoring the concept would mean neglecting our intellect’s ability to reason and, hence, resorting to becoming victims of ignorance. I never saw philosophy as a subject pre-determined by facts, but rather something that represented the truth of one’s life world.

Below are just some of the many touchdowns on philosophy’s interaction with other schools of thought:

Physics and Philosophy:

Philosophy and physics are like two peas in a pod. Physics give birth to material civilization, whereas philosophy contributes to its explanation in numbers and symbols rather than in words. An aerospace engineer and an astrophysicist experiment with different theories to fix an elevator. If either one does find a way to fix it, it will turn into a fact. However, the hypothesis started off as a philosophical speculation. They experiment with established rules to fix the elevator without consciously knowing that philosophical facts don’t always give the answer and build their own rules to solve the problem. Philosophy wins.

Politics and Philosophy:

No political system works for everyone, so nothing is ‘sustainable.’ If it does become supported by the majority in a given period of time, it will evaporate over another time period so best to leave individuals decide on their own systems and learn to live with each other in peace. Peace is also relative. Philosophy wins. Again.

Sports and Philosophy:

It doesn’t matter what position the player is placed on to score the winning touchdown, he will win as per the multiple strategies that the human mind is capable of creating. Touchdown. Philosophy wins.

Philosophy and Philosophy:

“The unexamined life is not worth living,” echoed Socrates once upon a century to himself.

Some today think that examining their lives will drive them toward the edge. Philosophy breeds philosophy and everyday life events raise more philosophical questions and statements. In fact, we are having breakfast with Socrates everyday, but in spirit. Philosophy wins.

Philosophy is unanimous with human existence. Without philosophy, how can we develop conceptions of the world around us?


Sarah AbdulRazak is an award winning writer and visionary, who eagerly crossroads between the creative and intellectual. A global citizen and steward of the Earth, her life is a fusion of the literary arts and scholarship. Combining scholarship, arts and social advocacy has translated into her work as founder of Round Y, a millennial Think Tank, advocating east-west dialogue, sustainability and social justice in a time of cultural rebirth. She holds a BA in Culture and Society as well as English and World Literature.


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