Why Vegetarian Is Just Way Short of the Mark. {Video}

Via Karl Saliter
on Feb 6, 2013
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Source: fab.com via Traci on Pinterest

A recent, very fun conversation about speaking up vs. keeping quiet on diet choices led me to the keyboard tonight.

I was looking for a link to a favorite YouTube clip; this one is just beautiful, from John and Ivy:

It is bouncy and fun to listen to. I found that this dairy video has been added.

And it isn’t so fun. Not so upbeat. Not so cute.

It just shows and tells why, succinctly, dairy is off the menu for today’s ethically handsome man. Because in the end, though cheese tastes great and milk is cheap and it feels as if you are drinking something healthy, consuming the products of aggressive systemized cruelty is simply bad for you.

Worse for the cows, but really, really bad for you, too.

I mean, when a cow sees a friend they missed, they often do a happy dance. I’m serious.

These creatures do not deserve to be enslaved brutally. It isn’t complicated.

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8 Responses to “Why Vegetarian Is Just Way Short of the Mark. {Video}”

  1. John says:

    Her knowledge of nutrition is almost as strong as her sense of pitch.

  2. karlsaliter says:

    I find her pretty much spot on, John.

  3. Maru says:

    It baffles me that most arguments around the topic of eating meat revolve around nutrition, politics, economics, cultural habits etc, and rarely about the animals themselves. Don´t people feel pain for the pain inflicted in them? How do they get around that? When did empathy become rare?

  4. karlsaliter says:

    I have no idea when, but I certainly know it is. I get too often slammed by people claiming that it is ok if the animal was grass fed. Few realize that grass fed can mean factory farmed with occasional grass thrown into the feed, and yes, still slaughtered under insanely cruel conditions. It is sad.

  5. Maru says:

    That is so pathetic, yes, give the poor cow 20 minutes of sun, if even that, and feed her a bit better food, vut her life span in 3 and then kill her… how nice of them….

  6. karlsaliter says:

    And at that, they think themselves generous!

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