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on Mar 29, 2013
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I have had some many different experiences not sure where to start.

Life, for me, has always been so full of life, mysteries and “Ah Ha” moments. As a psychic medium, I am in awe that I have this ability to ‘communicate’ with the other side.

I find that not too many people can relate to me, and yet, still embrace me with their hope that there is much more to life after death.

I find solace in watching old re-runs of Medium, as I sink down under the covers and think to myself, “Wow, I really feel like I am home.”

That feeling of really being home makes me relaxed and blessed that I am able to share something with others that not too many other people can do.

And  yet, this gift does not come without it’s own challenges. For, even when I tell myself that I am going to set aside time to be in the physical, or living world,  I still seem to ‘connect’ with these strangers coming in and out of the blue and carrying information to be passed along. I try to just embrace the information coming in as it obviously needs to be spoken.

And when these strangers seek me out, I then share what I have seen or heard with their loved ones. I’ve learned that higher powers can sometimes have more of a idea for me then what I am immediately able to see.

So, I have learned to say to myself, “Okay, you’re going to do a reading for Jane Doe at eight p.m., so start meditating and ‘open’ yourself up a few hours ahead of that schedule; but for the rest of the day, stay grounded.”

Ha! That doesn’t always work out. Because, messages come through when they choose. I can be at the grocery store and all of a sudden become so overwhelmed with anxiety as I begin to feel other people’s energy. Sometimes, I am alright with this, however, other times it can be so overwhelming to be this sensitive that I have to literally remove myself from this location.

One time, for example, as I was putting my groceries up to be checked out, I saw a young cashier standing there helping. She was very nice and we shared a few laughs, but the, all of a sudden, I sensed a female spirit standing behind her. And, once again, I am faced with the dilemma of sharing messages perhaps others are not prepared or willing to hear.

Sometimes I just have to smile and walk away.

I have always felt that others looked at me differently- so much so, that I felt an ‘outcast’ as a young child and teenager—and simply for being me. It’s hard to try to step into your ‘truth,’ to be out most authentic self, while not worrying so much about the judgement of others.

There are some that just can’t wrap their heads around the fact that there are some out there with this ‘ability.’ And, other people may have had bad experiences and think i will scam them. I ask them to not place me in that same category, and to try not to lump these experiences together.

For over a week, I kept hearing the same message over and over. It was meant for two of my friends, a couple. But, life got in the way of me sharing the message with them. So, after a parcel came in the mail from them I remembered the message that I needed to share with them.

I said, ” Hey, I have been hearing repeatedly that a baby wants to come into your life—and that, you can either embrace this or prevent it from happening. But, that the choice is yours.” One friend said ‘thank you’, while the other started to laugh. “You’re too funny,” she said, “We were just talking about fostering or adopting a child last night.” Even when I don’t always understand the message, I am amazed at how it is validated for me.

The next day, a man messaged me on my Facebook page—essentially, questioning what it is that I do. I replied, that I wasn’t going to ‘jump through hoops’ to do a reading for him; but that if he wanted one, that would be ok, too.  After a brief conversation, he said that he had a great deal of death surrounding him and wondered if this one person might still be nearby. I sensed both a male and a female energy around him, and let him know this. I asked that he trust his own instincts to know that they were still there with him. Just then, hundreds of Starlings landed right at my back door. So, I asked the gentleman if he had a connection to birds. He replied, “You’re going to really freak out when you see this picture I am about to send you.” When I opened the picture, I saw that it was a photo of a bird tattooed onto his arm with the name, “Alice” written underneath it.

Alice, was the name of his Grandmother that had passed away – and this message, I believe, was from her.

It was such a positive experience for both of us.

There was another experience I had, with a friend I met online. We shared common interests, but nothing ever too personal. Until, one day, I read her status. She was having some health issues and felt alone. That was enough to spark up a wonderful conversation. We talked about author, Esther Hicks’ book, Ask and It is Given. I recommended that she read this book, and gave her all the information to purchase.

About an hour later, she contacted me to say, “You’ll never guess what happened. I was getting out of the shower, and this book flew off my shelf.”

It was the book I had recommended that she read; she had purchased it some time ago, but then tucked it away to the back of the bookshelf.  Since then, we have become such close friends—a bond that was created through my ‘gift.’

Months later, when her health continued to deteriorate, I asked her to seek out a second opinion. And when she did, she replied, “Tara, I think you might have just saved my life.”

Not everything can always be easily explained, but nevertheless, we need to remain open to these messages when they come through. In my case, I am more sensitive than others—but I still believe we all receive messages each day.

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of learning to listen.

Tara1-100x100Tara Moffatt is a believer in that old saying that “Everything Happens for a Reason,” and there is nothing left to chance. She is a mother of two, brilliantly happy wife, and by all measures – one of the strongest women known on this planet. If you want to reach out to Tara, you can find her on her website “Release Ur Truth“ on Twitter, or you may email her at [email protected] She would love to hear from you.

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