March 6, 2013

Creating Peace From Within. ~ Denise Fortin

Every moment we spend on this beautiful planet is a gift; so why waste that gift on idle thoughts?

We can create prisons or palaces within our minds. Some believe we are our minds. That very thought can tie us to a whirl pool of cyclic thought patterns, which in turn can enslave us in so many ways.

It’s simple to create peace within that raging torrent of thought. Creating space can be as simple as putting aside 20 minutes a day (or even as little as five to begin). Many people say “I don’t have time to meditate” or “I’d never be able to quiet my thoughts!

Well, if you can lay in your bed upon waking and go through what you intend to do for the day (as so many of us do), you can just as easily lay in bed for that exact amount of time and re-pattern your mind.

Yes, it really is that simple.

You may wish to set a timer for this exercise. Begin with a simple word, or phrase, that draws you in. Such as: ‘So Hum,‘ which simply means, ‘I am that.’ You can also choose from other words such as love, harmony, peace, unity or freedom.

Honestly, any positive word will work for this exercise.

Focusing on your breath, breath deeply into the diaphragm, and upon exhalation, recite the word you’ve chosen. From there, you simply repeat the word of choice, hearing it in your mind. Thoughts may rise to the surface, as bubbles in a pond. Allow them to flow—be a casual observer and simply go back to the word of choice.

 The word may become a sound. Follow the sound, see where it takes you. The word may become a color, shifting and changing. This is also natural. The word may even become an image. Do not seek to control or change the image—simply flow with whatever comes. Again, simply observing.

When your allotted time is up, bring your awareness back to your body. Wiggle your toes, shift from side to side and gently ease back into this realm.

What you’ve just experienced is sacred space. When we can create space within, we can create great change in our lives. Just that short amount of time spent in relaxation has given your mind and body a much needed chance to heal. You may wish to journal your experience. Sometimes numbers, or messages may come through. You may see locations which are relevant to your journey.

Whatever comes up, acknowledge it as sacred information.

Going within is an invaluable tool, one that you can carry with you throughout your day. When you find yourself feeling anxious or worried, you can return to that space by simply bringing back your key word. That word will unlock the harmony that is within—for you are limitless!


My name is Denise Fortin. I am a mother of two, a Reiki Master and an artist. I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba and now live in a tiny Hamlet called Mooretown. Living close to the water (St. Clair River) has brought much healing to my life. I adore yoga. I believe yoga has transformed my life and it is my greatest wish to teach. I am currently enrolled in yoga teacher training through Mandorla Yoga. I sincerely believe we can change the planet by simply loving ourselves and thus one another, for we truly are one (quantum physics will tell you that!).


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