March 16, 2013

Global Citizen or Global Nomad? ~ Issa Urra

“I’d like to yogalize my poses, buddhalize my prayers, jesusize my love and hindulize my smile.”

~Andréa Balt

When I read this, I thought, being a Pinay, raised by German Benedictine nuns in our tiny provincial town, having moved halfway around the world and proud to be a global citizen—I sure can relate.

Then this led me to the further realization that since I now have my US citizenship I no longer refer to myself as a global nomad as often—instead I prefer the term global citizen.

Why is that, I wonder? What are the similarities and differences? What are their contrasts, comparisons and connections?

For me it boils down to perspectives—one connotes impermanence and the other denotes accountability. The indications and implications of each were what struck me. What points of view have I held, expressed or designated as either? Interesting.

I noticed that as a permanent resident of a country, I was clearly aware that my liberties were limited at best.

In some areas I’ve lived, they were pure illusion and insubstantial. Even where they appeared more democratic, they were definitely restricted and often inadequate. This often left me wary and constrained.

As a citizen of a nation though, it mattered not so much that the country or its government was stable or volatile, I felt more secure and assured. Could I be naïve or deluded? It’s possible. Yet possibilities always seemed more tangible as a citizen.

As a nomad, I reveled in the freedom and impermanence.

Things came fresh, movement was constant, and optimism stayed renewed. It was almost impossible to be stuck especially with the shifts and morphing all around.

As a citizen, I feel a deeper involvement and with it a greater responsibility.

I am advocating and contributing more where I used to just watch and not intrude. My legal standing makes me stand up for matters of import. I find myself more empowered and purposeful. Interesting.


Issa Urra is an artist, a healer and an advocate of human excellence. She is a student and teacher of creative design, fine arts, mass communications, human potential development and natural healing. Her practice combines hands-on experience and learning from both her Eurasian genealogy and the Hierarchy of Yoga Christ Shaman Masters. She has traveled throughout the United States and abroad—conducting private sessions, clinics, workshops and retreats.




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