March 29, 2013

If You Really Love Someone, Don’t Commit: 10 Reasons Why Commitment Sucks. ~ Siri Ajeet

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Is commitment the result of both love and fear?

Most people seek commitment because they love a person so intensely that they can’t bear the thought of that person leaving them. They ask for a promise that they never will.

What the naive don’t know is that the psychological impact of commitment can be detrimental to a relationship. Do you trust yourself and your lover enough to let go of your need to control them? Are you willing to resist a cultural norm of fear? In a relationship without commitment, actions speak louder than language.

10 Reasons Commitment Sucks: 

1. “Commitment” is the same terminology used to describe someone sent to a mental institution.

2. Commitment is a false pretense.

If the thing that is holding people together is commitment, then they are committed to a word, and that is insane, so indeed they are committed!

3. Commitment leads to quiet resentment.

When a person has a calling to pursue their dreams that may be out of alignment with the relationship status quo, they let it go and passively resent the other person for stopping them.

4. Commitment allows you to act like an asshole.

They have to love me no matter what, so why try?

5. Commitment restricts your self-expression.

When Boyfriend thinks Girlfriend’s behavior affects how others see him, they’ve both just bought a one-way ticket to Boring.

6. Commitment makes you fat.

Because your passion button is pushed less and less, you get your excitement from food.

7. Commitment makes you pretentious.

Because you think you’re in the Love Club, you pity all those who are single.

8. Commitment makes you have fewer friends of the opposite-sex, if any.

Because the basis of commitment is lack of trust.

9. Commitment makes you anti-social.

Because when the other person doesn’t want to go out, going out feels less fun.

10. Commitment gives you twice as many family relationships.


Siri Ajeet is a yogi, traveler, culinary adventurer, tarot-spreader, philosopher, and an explorer of the universe, both inner and outer. Her mission is to inspire authenticity and love in these changing times. She teaches yoga in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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