Off the Record, ex-Executive at major Natural Products Company says: “BPA is the least of your worries.”

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 17, 2013
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Why So Sad, Single Use Plastic Bag?

Bonus via Walk the Talk Show:
BPA-free is BS, too!

I’ve reported this before, but this latest revelation—a moment of too-rare, (off-the-record) transparency has got me avoiding (when given the choice) anything stored in plastic, including all canned goods.

The full quote went something like this:

“BPA is the least of your worries…

…All cans are lined with dozens of different untested plastics. BPA, if anything, has been tested far more than the many other mystery plastics used to line cans. At least we know what it does.”

Ed’s note: This was a conversation among many, some months ago, and it only recently reared its head in my memory and struck home. If I have any facts wrong, or have left any facts out, let me know in comments below and I’ll amend.

A friend of mine, only 34, beautiful, a young mother of two, the epitome of health, was diagnosed with cancer just this month. It’s gone too far. We’re all surrounding ourselves, drowning in a sea of toxic plastics. Avoid plastic + food.

Buy glass. Buy bulk. And support companies that avoid plastics and applaud (though do not buy) the products from companies that are BPA-free (at least that’s something). If we start a movement, companies will come clean, and go green.

Because even if you aren’t a treehugging hippie, you care about your health. And if you don’t care about your health (some of us like to party!), you care about children’s health.

Bonus round:

Watch this film. It’s actually fun, and will change your life.

Great video, especially the song (but do not support SIGG—they have a bad history re: integrity)

And, via Walk the Talk Show, from a few years ago:

elevision – Paper or Plastic? : Andy Keller of from elevision on Vimeo.


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8 Responses to “Off the Record, ex-Executive at major Natural Products Company says: “BPA is the least of your worries.””

  1. uuugggghhh….I just came back from the grocery store feeling good that I used a cardboard box and a canvas bag to transport my goods….but then I realized that my bread, my carrots, my cilantro, my milk, and even my beloved whole wheat tortillas…everything seemed to be packaged in plastic! This video is a wonderful awakening. Thank you!

  2. Jim McMahon says:

    There is an article I wrote on my blog in which I quote a scientist who was interviewed by Men's Health Magazine. That scientist said, in short, that all the BPA substitutes (as in 'BPA free' containers) are endocrine disrupters. So we can't just avoid BPA. We have to try to avoid as many of the plastics touching our food as possible.

  3. elephantjournal says:

    Yup! My vegan cheese and shampoo and, well, half of everything is packaged and sitting in plastic. Glass tupperware is a start!

  4. elephantjournal says:

    Can you share the link to your blog? Would love to read it, and reshare it (if you like) here on elephant, with links to you. ~ Waylon

  5. bid ninja says:

    Useful stuff, but the theme do not display properly on my Powerbook…maybe you need to check that out. Thanks, anyway.

  6. stacylu says:

    Even bulk products are packed & stored in plastic. They arrive at the store in large plastic bags and are emptied into plastic bulk bins. I think shopping bulk is the best value and it saves additional plastic packaging going into the trash. It isn't the end all of plastic, however.

  7. jackie says:

    What the heck is wrong with SIGG? You can't just say don't support SIGG because they have integrity issues and not elaborate… All of the other information was great though.

  8. CC D. says:

    Hello, thanks for the eye opening information, however, what solutions do we have please? Thank you.