Strength, Flexibility & Balance: This is the Practice. {Video} ~ Jason Bowman

Via Jason Bowman
on Mar 13, 2013
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I have been inspired by some of the yoga videos popping up and for a while I’ve aspired to make one that attempts to communicate what the practice means to me.

I think the five-minute video is an exciting new(ish) medium which can be used artistically to paint vivid pictures of the things we really care about and share them with the world. I wanted to pay homage to the teachings and the practice to which I’ve attempted to devote my life.


To me, yoga has conveyed the powerful message that, not only is the body a sort of playground but it’s a mirror of everything around it.

That everything we apprehend somatically in the body through experience can be applied outwardly into our lives. That just as in learning the nuances of how a computer or any piece of technology works we can reap it’s full potential, so too can we explore the body/mind system in order to use it as gracefully and creatively as possible.


Here’s to yoga!


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About Jason Bowman

Jason Bowman is a yoga teacher and writer in San Francisco. He has led several 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher trainings as well as many immersions, workshops, retreats and guest lecture series around the country and internationally. His practice has been greatly influenced by Ashtanga Yoga as he’s learned it from Richard Freeman and Maty Ezraty and Vipassana Meditation as he’s learned it from SN Goekna. Find him online at Jason Bowman Yoga


7 Responses to “Strength, Flexibility & Balance: This is the Practice. {Video} ~ Jason Bowman”

  1. Nichole says:

    Stunning, in every way. I think I may have watched it about 10 times. The words, the music, the practice….all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece. After watching the piece, I promptly went to my mat! Thank you for the inspiration. Namaste!

  2. This is one of the most eloquent and beautiful yoga videos I have seen in a long time. Not only is the art of asana so graciously displayed, but many of the other aspects of yoga are also spoken about with real humility and gratitude. In an era were so many people are driven by ego to accomplish and display only the physicality of yoga, it is evident through his words that Jason embraces all aspects of the practice, boiling down to a finely tuned sense of awareness in the present moment expressed as love and compassion. Bravo!

  3. Natalie Baginski says:

    I'm currently working on a Master's in Vedic Literature and have been writing about higher states of consciousness this block. I loved your description of "witnessing", as described in various pieces of vedic literature, regarding the establishment of cosmic consciousness. You were so poetic, and I tend to describe it in technical language and talk about dual functioning of the nervous system, Self and non-Self, etc. My nature is to be mostly in my head and not so much in my body and after meditation and reading in sanskrit and trying to make sense of vedanta (in English…good luck) I forget asana. I go days and days without doing any asana, but I carry a highlighter and fancy red gel pen with my battered copy of the Gita everywhere I go. This video and your words inspired me to get out of my head, put the literature down and roll out my faded orange mat. I dare say this video inspired me to add a yoga certification to my resume at some point. To me "yoga" has always been meditation and study, and asana is just a way to release some stress before I sit, and keep my body from hurting because of all the sitting, but you sir, have just challenged me to question my approach. Well done!

  4. Beautiful, smart and inspiring! Thanks you Jason.

  5. Kevin says:

    That's it: why I practice; what I receive; how the practice on the mat moves with me off the mat.
    Beautiful images. Inspiring script.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Gabriela says:

    Breathtaking. What an inspiration, in form and in spirit…

  7. @alischube says:

    Was this filmed at Harbin?? I love it there.