The Darkest Fairy Tale, Ever.

Via Karl Saliter
on Mar 1, 2013
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Once upon a time there was a little baby girl, born in a dangerous, poor and dodgy land, full of woe and strife.

She was not safe! She had no mommy and no daddy.

Thankfully, loving parents came, looking for a baby they could share their home with. They brought her to a warm, cozy, safe neighborhood just like a suberb of Oz.‏ Everything was cool. The baby was healthy. She was happy. So were the mommy and daddy. They loved their little girl so much.

Then one day the mommy and the baby went to see the doctor, and the doctor gave the baby a test. He told the mommy that the test showed something scary: there was danger to the baby. Even though the baby was perfectly healthy, the doctor told the mommy that the test was most grave, and her baby was in real danger. The doctor said the baby was going to die. One year, maybe two at the most.

The mommy was so scared, she asked the doctor what she could do. The doctor suggested powerful drugs, which would make the danger lose some of its strength. Even though the baby was perfectly healthy, the mommy was so scared. She told the daddy the scary story. They agreed to try the drugs.

Sleep Like A BabyBut the drugs hurt her baby. Badly. The baby cried and cried, especially about her legs. They always hurt her. She stopped growing! And when she started walking, she kept falling down. It was dark days for that little baby.

Then one day, the daddy read an article from a scientist who was not afraid of what the test said to the doctor. The article said that the scientist thought the test was silly. The mommy wrote to the scientist. He wrote back!  He said,  “The drugs are hurting your baby more than the scary things your doctor talked about. Don’t be scared: stop giving your baby those drugs! They are killing her.”

So they stopped. It was hard to do, because the doctor had scared them so much. Then it was even harder, because the doctor got very angry when they told him their choice. But they were brave and they did it anyway. And the baby got better! She thrived. She could walk finally, and she started to grow. The doctor was still so angry.

He kept telling the parents their precious child was going to die, even though the child had healed, and was getting better and better. The doctor just kept moving the date of death ahead, as the baby grew.

The daddy researched. He found out that there were more 11 other babies who had the same scary test, and they were all taking the drugs. He learned that his daughter was the only baby who stopped taking the drugs. She was also the only one who did not die. The drugs were way more scary than the test, to the daddy.

Nurse with hypodermic needleWell, the baby grew and grew, until she was a grownup. The doctor was not happy about that. He said she must have taken the test wrong, but she would re-take the test now and then, always with the same “scary” result. She had the same scary test score, but she was healthy and strong and as fit as a fiddle.

Then one day, the baby, now a woman, fell in love. She had a baby. She went to the hospital to give birth. It was a mistake! She thought the hospital was a safe place to have her baby, but it was not. In the hospital, she gave birth to a beautiful boy. Then the doctors took her baby away! Can you imagine how sad and scared and alone that mommy was?

Taking away a woman’s newborn baby. Is there anything more cruel? It is meaner than beating somebody up, don’t you think? Worse than anything you could do. It would be like cutting off somebody’s hands, except it would hurt even more than that.

Though she did not want the baby to have the scary test, the doctors gave it to the baby anyway, and got the same scary result. They said the baby must have the drugs, the same drugs that once stopped this mommy from growing, that made her legs fail.

“No!” she cried. Nobody listened.

The doctors refused to return the baby to his mommy.

The hospital became a prison.

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

They kept the baby, and gave it the drugs they wanted to. The mommy cried and cried. Then guess what? The doctor met with the mommy and decided to stop it. He stopped giving the baby drugs, and even agreed to let the mommy breast feed her baby. The mommy was so happy!

Then the doctors changed their mind again. They decided they would keep her baby.

The only dream the mommy has is to be allowed to hold her baby in her arms, safe from the doctors and their scary tests. Safe from people who want to endanger her baby in the name of protecting it.


This mommy is the woman who almost died from the same drugs doctors now force her baby to take, every day. They will not let her hold her baby and bring him home. In the name of saving the baby, they are killing him dead.

She wants to be a mommy to her son. It is the saddest season in the world, for the whole little family.

It is the greatest frustration imaginable. It is a real nightmare.

And by “real,” I mean, of course, real.


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About Karl Saliter

Karl is a circus artist sculptor writer miscreant gypsy, living in Mexico. He has written two novels, "Compassion's Bitch," and "Breakfast In A Cloud," and has published neither. He often feels as if he was born under a silver whale of a frisbee moon in the back of a red cartoon pickup truck. That careening down route 66 at speed, he leapt up into the cab, took the wheel, stuck his baby elbow out the rolled-down window, and that though the truck had awesome chrome mirrors, he never looked back. He hopes you frequently feel the same.


10 Responses to “The Darkest Fairy Tale, Ever.”

  1. Doing harm for hiding a lie! What about applying the Hippocratic Oath? Where did the Human Rights go? What about respect for parents and children? What about controlling the Health system? What about science and truth? What about money and jobs in the health system? No ethics, no conscience? Good bye America as it is presented to the world actually!
    They use power instead of rational argumentation. As I claimed so often : "HIV" is gene expression depending on genes and / or stimulation. It might do NO harm and it could be a reaction to a variety of situations the body is fighting. To give medications that do harm to a healthy child is a crime!

    And this is my book “AIDS – the End of Dogma and Taboo”

  2. karlsaliter says:

    Cheers Chistl.

    My heart goes out to Rico, his parents, and everyone in this story. It is tremendously sad, frustrating, and hard to understand.

  3. Kim says:

    Thank you for this, my dear friend. Sharing!

  4. Celia Farber says:

    Karl, Your fairy tale brings this unfortunately true story into the heart in a profound way. Something has long since gone terribly terribly wrong in HIV/AIDS treatment, and it has come to be excessive of a violence it probably never intended. All this because of proteins that are declared to be "HIV" when in fact, these proteins occur in the total absence of AIDS and are neither indicative of "infection" with "HIV" nor of impending sickness. This is the war. Thank you for bringing your creativity and consciousness to this incomprehensible situation. Awareness is the first step toward change. Nobody knows what goes on, and usually nobody wants to know, and the proteins make it so that people don't have to care because such persons have already been devalued and dehumanized. Nothing was wrong with Rico. Now he's on life support.

  5. karlsaliter says:

    I am poleaxed with sadness for little Rico, and Lindsey.

    As a parent, I could see choosing.
    "Hey Karl, let us take your baby away from you and give her drugs until she dies, or let us cut your hands off."
    I'd lose the hands.

    The irony, that the mom they are destroying, when she was a baby, had the exact same condition as her baby, and she lived and lives perfectly healthy without drugs, is stunning.

  6. Thanks for bringing this sad tale to the attention of people who may never have heard of Lindsey Nagel or little Rico Nagel Martinez. The more we talk, the less the media can ignore.

    And I hope your readers will also check out my post on this at, and learn about how routine this practice is among low-income, marginal, and minority populations. Shame, shame, shame. To think that Bill de Blasio, who presided over a sham investigation of this orphanage scandal in which children were used to test dangerous HIV/AIDS drugs, is planning to run for mayor of New York is just obscene. Kiddie porn, anyone? Just say "HIV" killed them, and you can try just about anything on these kids.

  7. karlsaliter says:

    Cheers, Elizabeth. Thank you for reading, and for your work.

  8. karlsaliter says:

    Neil, you are right as rain. Destructive arrogance is so last year, but these guys don't know it yet.

    Here is a very cool update; word is spreading!

  9. HIV Does Not Cause AIDS

    We are told that AIDS is caused by the HIV virus, however, evidence to the contrary is overwhelming. HIV is supposedly detected by antibody tests, which have proven to be largely inaccurate and presumptuous. And AIDS is treated by unbelievably toxic pharmaceuticals that are unquestionably found to cause the AIDS syndrome itself.

    The truth about AIDS is far from what the CDC and high-profile research groups are telling the public. Conflicts of interest and incentive programs between doctors, the biomedical community and pharmaceutical companies have turned scientific inquiry into a fraudulent charade. The truth about HIV and AIDS is suppressed by the dogma of an unproven theory and a global campaign to deceive the public and sell hepatotoxic drugs for an innocuous or nonexistent retrovirus. Any scientific debate that questions the HIV/AIDS hypothesis is labled denialism.

    HIV, if it exists, is harmless. AIDS is caused by any combination of: heavy drug usage, malnutrition, antibiotics abuse, amyl nitrate (poppers), multiple-partner anal sex, and antiretrovirals. Manufacturers' labels on HIV tests acknowledge that testing doesn't detect any HIV virus; instead they look for antibodies, an immune response that can be caused by any number of unrelated, normal conditions, one being pregnancy. Thus, HIV test results should not be taken seriously. Research the subject and learn why HIV=AIDS is at best a sham, at worse genocide.