March 14, 2013

The Spirituality of Technology. ~ Duane Townsend

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What if this is what the human experience is all about?

The world is now connected like no other time in known human history.

We regularly communicate in real time with others halfway around the globe. We can see them on our screens, send them music or money or heartfelt inspiration, we can share our lives, hopes, dreams, victories and sorrows with literally the whole world—all from devices held in our hands.

We are living in a global community whether we like it or not. I, for one, love the idea. Just because global corporate/government has facilitated our global connectedness for profit and control does not mean that we, as people, cannot appropriate this awesome technological development for the advancement of humankind.

As humanity has become more aware of its deeper and higher consciousness, it seems that our technological capability has expanded to accommodate our expanding conscious awareness. As human consciousness continues to expand, our technical potential and ability grows to meet that capability. This is called the Transcension Hypothesis.

Humanity—in essence—is projecting its inward conscious awareness outward onto technical devices, which in turn accelerates our inward enlightenment and connection to each other.

Human development is materializing its innate inner capacity to know all things, to consciously interface with “distant” others and experience its aesthetic oneness with conscious creation that is beyond time and space.

We are approaching inter-dimensional reality.

We are on the cusp of knowing the non-local conscious mind—to interfacing with the Universal mainframe. We are approaching the shores of a new reality. Earth as a “place” will cease to be; earth will become simply a level of awareness.

The Transcension Hypothesis is also called the “developmental singularity”. The theory is that technological leaps are not conscious leaps away from our source—but toward the source of consciousness; they are not evolutionary advancements away from our humanity—but plunge into the core of human conscious being.

It may very well be possible that the human creativity that imagined and manifested the technological alchemy that we enjoy today, isn’t leading us away from our humanness—but toward a deeper expression of our humanity.

That technological wizardry is activating strands of our DNA that had been long dormant. There is growing evidence that human existence is not measured in thousands of years but in millions of years, and that human beings today actually are the result of endless cycles of evolutionary advancements and devolution.

Natural cataclysms—human made catastrophe and celestial convulsion events—have sent human development back to square one innumerable times in the course of the human journey on earth.

This brings us to the spiritual component of this article.

One of the infinite manifestations of spirit is universal wisdom gained from universal experience. Spirit not only connects us here on earth; spirit connects us to the resonance of the whole universe.

There is palpable knowledge stored in the universal ether by the experiences of conscious beings—from humans here on earth to sentient beings in other “worlds,” which very well could also be human.

Maybe we are the latest crop of humankind to grow from single celled organisms in primordial waters into fully conscious galactic residents ready to behold the singularity.

The possibility that for millions of years of human history, humans have developed here on earth, matured through hardscrabble existence to the technological articulation of our inner brilliance and transitioned to higher dimensioned living.


Maybe earlier human civilizations were not wiped out because of their own arrogance or natural earthly disaster. Maybe they simply left. Maybe earlier humans are populating other worlds in higher dimensions to continue their journey to singularity and start the process all over again—individuation then the millennial long ascension to singularity.


What if that is what the human experience is all about: To individuate from unified singular spirit and experience “life” in matter, as matter, and process back to unified spirit as potential energy.

Hey, it could happen.

Thank you for exploring this plausibility with me.

One Love.



Duane Townsend: I am an observer of Myself and society, manager of the divine, and the profane of those mirroring realities. You can contact me at my blog.




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