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on Mar 3, 2013
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Note: elephantjournal.com received this review item for free, in return for a guarantee that we would review said offering.  That said, we say what we want—good and bad, happy and sad.

Good tea is hard to find sometimes.

Though I’ve been more of a coffee drinker for most of my life, in recent years I’ve been craving (and started to appreciate more and more), a good cup of tea.

Looking for that perfect cup amongst a wide array of different teas and packaging, from the familiar tea bags in a cardboard box from grocery store, to the loose leaf teas of specialized tea boutique, one thing is certain: tea should taste like tea—infused with its natural and unique essence of tea leaves and a variety of flavors that entice you to take another sip.

No, you will not see a tea bag or any filler ingredients here; just simple, natural ingredients with the tea leaves. Nothing else.

Tiesta Tea EverydayCare PackageTiesta Tea offers a wide range of packaged loose tea leafs of appealing yet thoughtful flavor combinations that are approachable to the everyday or occasional tea drinker. The teas can be categorized by seven tea types: black tea, green tea, white tea, rooibos tea, oolong tea, herbal tea and mate tea.

Alternatively, one can shop by using the descriptions such as Energizer, Relaxer, Eternity, Immunity and Slenderizer.

There are three options of size order: pouch, tin or bulk bag—depending on how much or how long the tea can be consumed, these are a variety of options to keep freshness in mind, as much as possible.

Before I even open the package and taste the tea, here are what I love about Tiesta Tea, from the packaging alone:

  1. The bold, color-coded and distinct logo on the package definitely caught my eye when I first opened the box—it’s straight forward and approachable.
  2. Each unique flavor profile of the tea offered is succinctly explained with a short lists of ingredients (i.e., the type of tea, fruits, herbs)—from deliciously simple or complex in taste. More so, I am piqued by their naturally functionality and healthful ingredients.
  3. A brief set of brewing instruction is clearly written on the front side of the package, but one can find a more detailed version on the back (for brewing hot or cold tea) to get the best experience of the tea flavor.

Below are some of my favorite flavors:

Passion Berry Jolt (Energizer): Black tea/Caffeine: high

This black tea flavored tea definitely helped to wake me up in the morning (usually, I reach for a cup of coffee). I foresee this tea transitioning my daily morning caffeine ritual from coffee to tea. I love strong and dark coffee—the bold aroma of this black tea first awakened my senses, and then helped to sustain me well throughout the day, without the the jolt of coffee caffeine.

Upon savoring the tea with my taste buds a little longer, the passion fruit and raspberry tang comes forward as the main energizing flavor, with a slight floral scent lingering in the background.

I know when I need some energy, I can drink this tea on its own—or, I can pair with breakfast or snack, as the taste is not so strong that it will overpower the flavor of other foods.

Maui Mango (Eternity): Herbal tea/Caffeine: none

The scent of tropical fruits—of pineapple, mango, strawberry and orange (in bits and slices)—along with safflowers and marigolds, touched my nose right away, before even taking the first sip. And the taste is as good as the smell.

The luscious fruity sweetness, balanced with their tanginess, was so satisfying that it could easily be a snack tea or a dessert on its own—and especially an perfect after lunch tea.

The rich fruity flavor, combined with the bright yellow tea package, send me a on a sunny and warm vacation.

Fruity Pebbles (Slenderizer): Green tea based/Caffeine: low

Right at the start, I taste the green tea, which offers a steady, alert effect. The gold star combination of pineapple and strawberry is so luxurious that I think I would skip that slice of apple pie or berry crumble dessert. The rose petals also have a smoothing effect, which make this tea deeply satisfying.

TiestaTea PassionBerryJoltBlueberry Wild Child (Eternity): Herbal tea/Caffeine: none

Blueberry is the joy of this tea. But with pomegranate arils and apple bits (which are visible in the package and I snacked on directly from the bag before brewing) makes this herbal tea taste like a freshly pressed juice of berries that were just picked from the vine. Its intense fruitiness, with tangy hibiscus and elderberries, makes this tea my favorite of all. This would make a great iced tea as well.

While there are many different types of tea out there in the market, Tiesta Tea’s tea offerings create memorable, palatable yet unique tea experiences that convinced me to drink tea more regularly.

The health benefits also boost functionality and experience of drinking tea, Tiesta Tea’s flavor combinations and natural ingredients are out-of-the-bag flavorful, fresh and delicious.

With all that said and done, I think I’m going to make some tea now…


josie huangJosie Huang is a passionate yoga practitioner and wandering bikramite; a curious home chef and experimental baker who thinks of her kitchen like a fun science lab; a fledgling who is carving her career path combining her passions in health, yoga, food and nutrition. When she is not practicing yoga, cooking or studying, you can find her reading a good book, talking about health, yoga, food and nutrition to anyone who would listen to her or just want to try her cooking. You can find her via her website.


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