Top 10 Local & Green Dining Spots in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 26, 2013
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Top 10 Local & Green Dining Spots in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Bonus: update: Steve a’Reno’s is serving breakfast and lunch. Locally cured ham, locally-roasted direct trade coffee, baked goods right in the kitchen, free range eggs, Saturady and Sundays come for the Huevos Rancheros.

Bonus: a nice resource for more: Tuja Wellness.

I always go to the Wooden Monkey (every time I’m there I get my mom enough gift certificates to last a year, it’s a business worth supporting and enjoying, and my mom wouldn’t eat out ever otherwise). Once, I went to Heartwood, and loved it (it’s very hippie, style-wise, but great food). And of course I’ve loved the Farmers’ Markets over the years, but I’m not here on the weekend, this time.

So this year, I wanted a few more options—especially after walking around the first night and paying $75 for a bunch of white pasta, white bread, and a menu that (awesome) mentioned vegetarian options…that (not so awesome) counted seafood as vegetarian. ~ ed.

So I asked Halifax Reddit. Where’s good to eat in Halifax that supports local, farm-to-table?

Here’s their suggestions. All quotes are via Redditors unless otherwise noted.

1. Wooden Monkey.

2. Chives. They make a point of using local ingredients and Nova Scotian wines. One of my favourite restaurants in town. [Editor’s note: nothing vegan, but amazing menu for others]

3. Coastal Cafe and most of the burger joints popping up (Ace and Cheese Curds come to mind). [Editor’s note: breakfast/lunch only for CC]

4. Elements on Hollis (inside the Westin) has one of the best dining concepts I’ve seen in years. They won’t buy anything if it’s not from Nova Scotia.

5. Check out the Garden of Eat’n on Quinpool. Great Acadian/Lebanese foods.

6. Edible Matters. (902) 446-5588

7. the aforementioned… “Go to the Farmers Market on the weekend and eat at Selwood Green! They own a farm, and sell their harvest as well as cook with it.”

8. Fid on Dresden Row. The menu is never the same, because they cook with whatever they can get locally at the time.

9. Boneheads BBQ

10. The Armview [Ed’s note: breakfast/lunch only] on the roundabout offers a lot of locally produced fare. I don’t think everything they serve is, but certainly meats and plenty of vegetables. I also noted that Flipburger in Clayton Park sources their burgers from Oulton’s.

Click here to see if Reddit Halifax has offered any new suggestions.



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2 Responses to “Top 10 Local & Green Dining Spots in Halifax, Nova Scotia.”

  1. Linda V. Lewis says:

    The Armview has been here forever, but is a very generous 1950's style greasy spoon.
    Heartwood has uplifted itself decor-wise–booths and comfortable chairs around tables, pleasant framed pictures, etc.–and still great vegetarian and even vegan food.

  2. Lance Tankman says:

    Thanks for posting this, i was looking for a good restaurant in halifax