Walk the Talk Show: On the Road at Expo West: Day 1 & 2.

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on Mar 8, 2013
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Update: Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis gets the first interview with Whole Foods re their big great announcement. Video.

Natural Products Expo West: Day 1 & 2 Recap.

After picking up Waylon and Jeanne from the airport, we wove through Los Angeles’ horrendous, and not surpising traffic, in and out of carpool lanes to our first stop, Candy Cane Inn. The hotel bumps up to the back of Disneyland, and as magical as it sounds, the only thing candy cane was one plastic pen. After getting Waylon prettied-up for a few head shots—in preparation for his talks at the Yoga Conference in Toronto later this month—we walked the three blocks to Anaheim Convention Center where the largest natural products expo is held, Natural Products Expo West. Apparently they didn’t know we were coming, because they closed the expo and press room right after we picked up our pass. And so, it was onword to Angels Stadium for Vitamin Angels annual fundraising party. ~ Lindsey B.

Here’s a look at our day:

We’ll be doing video recaps of each day here at Expo West, so if you want to stay up to date, hit us up: elephantjournal.com/walkthetalkshow, facebook.com/walkthetalkshow and twitter.com/walkthetalkshow. And keep an eye out for our Expo West interviews series with Fresh Ideas Group & Walk the Talk Show videos.

Day 1:

Day 2:


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3 Responses to “Walk the Talk Show: On the Road at Expo West: Day 1 & 2.”

  1. Kelly says:

    So glad to see you on board with Expo West. As an employee of The Vitamin Shoppe Corporate office I am well aware of Vitamin Angels. In my office cube sits a picture of Peruvian children from the VA president to inspire us. I love seeing their smiling faces and colorful clothing, it keeps me positive on those off days. The Vitamin Shoppe hugely supports Vitamin Angels and last year traveled with the group to Peru. Anyway thanks for sharing and keep up the GREAT work, you inspire me daily!

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  3. Linda V. Lewis says:

    Hi Waylon! So you are in LA, my old stomping grounds! But I never went to the Angles Stadium. Much time in the old Farmers' Market however with my mommie. To bad the Expo West couldn't be held in some place like that–in the open air. Crazy to be in LA and out of the sunshine! Sweet that Jeanne is with you! Eat more than chips! And no candy canes! Love, mom