5 Things to Do When You’re in a Funk.

Via Jennifer S. White
on Apr 4, 2013
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Orphan Annie

Oh man, has it ever been a week.

I’m not sure why, but sometimes “the funk” knows how to find me.

You know, those days that feel blah and cold and grey—and the sunny, gorgeous outdoor weather is certainly not to blame.

I haven’t written a blog in almost a week, which for me is seriously crazy. I write (or think about or wish I was writing) daily. Why haven’t I? Because I’ve been in a funk!

Yet, great things happened to me these last few days, don’t you doubt. Regardless, the funk knows no logic.

Of course, I’ve always been moody, but the interesting thing about those grey days is that they happen to everyone. Everyone. I don’t care how happy, cheerful, positive or generally well-versed in your yoga practice you are—an occasionally “eh” day will find you.

So what’s an ordinarily, wonderfully grateful yogi (or good ol’ average Joe) to do?

These five things:

1. Remember tomorrow. Yes, I’m that nerd who belted out “Tomorrow” like I was orphan Annie reincarnated. I love this song, and I love its message. There is always, absolutely tomorrow.

2. Look at the bright side. Annoying when you’re in a bad mood, yes—but checking out that sunnier side of life is purposeful. Focusing on those awesome, amazing little moments that lifted your spirits will help lift them back up—even just the touch you need when your mood sours (because focusing on the positive is good stuff).

3. Practice yoga. Rarely does my bad mood escape a good yoga routine. I’m talking asanas here. Work that sh#t out.

 4. My child. My two-and-a-half year-old daughter teaches me so much about life—and bad mood busting is no exception. Small children don’t hang on to words that hurt or things that happened yesterday. Take a page from that book.

5. Lighten up! All too often my bad moods are caused by placing too much seriousness on myself, my life, or the world in general. Lighten up and learn to laugh at yourself. How? In my experience, if I’m really needing to manage my overly self-centered nature, the universe has a way of doing it for me—like a bird in a tree pooping on my head at just the right (or wrong) moment. If you aren’t lucky enough to experience this type of divine reoccurring behavior, then be your own reality check by remembering to laugh at yourself when you fall rather than cry or scream. (See #3: practice specifically yoga balancing postures.)

I think I could go on and on here because, as I alluded to earlier, I’m perhaps blessed with regular foul funks. However, I tend to look at them now as an excellent opportunity to practice my mindful awareness of the “now” moment, and as chances to remember my yin and yang, light and dark way of thinking.

We’re given these times in life to dwell on—or be haunted by—dismal experiences and moments, because they only serve to highlight the blissful, truly peace-giving ones that happen next.

So keep your chin up, keep practicing yoga, and if that doesn’t work then Google good ol’ orphan Annie and shout at the top of your lungs that “the sun’ll come out tomorrow.”


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2 Responses to “5 Things to Do When You’re in a Funk.”

  1. genjok says:

    Take a walk, do a dance. It's surprising how much physical activity can lift a funk.

  2. Terry says:

    “I am a series of small victories and large defeats and I am as amazed as any other that I have gotten from there to here.”