April 3, 2013

5 Tips for Getting Back in Touch with Your Creativity. ~ Marita Veronica

Does it seem like years since you even looked at the art supplies that you once so loved?

Do you long for the days when you encompassed the energy of Picasso?

Is your inner Mark Rothko yearning to come out?

Here are five tips for reigniting and rekindling that creative fire:

1. Forgiveness

Still harboring resentment toward your ex? Thinking about how that childhood teacher who said you were not good enough? Perhaps it was your parents who hurt your feelings?

That stored resentment can be one of the main reasons it’s not raining buckets of inspiration. You can’t be fully present if the past still has power over you. Every time you think of those people and it tugs at you negatively, mentally recite, “I forgive you. I release you.”

To really cut that cord, you can commit to sitting in a forgiveness mediation for at least 30 days to witness a change. Self-help author and life coach, Gabrielle Bernstein, has a beautiful Forgiveness Meditation from her 2010 Meditation Album. After some time, those individuals may or may not change, but the way that they take up mental space in your brain certainly will.

2. Sit in Stillness

What holds a person back from bothering to pursue passions? Fear. Most people are walking around with so much anxiety and stress that they don’t have the capacity to think about anything else.

Grab that meditation pillow and spend at least a few minutes in silence while breathing on the intention to really expand your imagination. If you don’t like complete silence you can put on something to get your Zen on. You can do this before starting a project or do it on daily basis to really tap into the right side of your brain.

The more you listen, the more you will receive. Sometimes you might see different images while in meditation or immediately after. Ideas might randomly pop into your head throughout the day. Carry around a small notebook and a pen to quickly sketch out ideas or jot down in your phone your concept and recreate it later. Inspiration can come in dreams, so keep a journal bedside.

3. Movement

Go for a walk. Take a swim. Dance at the hottest nightclub in your city or stay in your house and groove in front of your bedroom mirror. Just move! Creativity is associated with the sacral or second chakra. There could be a block in that chakra. The chakras can be realigned through certain Kundalini yoga breathing techniques and poses. Or seek the assistance from a Reiki healer.

4. Back to Basics

Think back to when you felt like your talent was flowing: what medium did you love working with? If the concept of a stark white canvas seems too daunting or unsafe, start small and opt for a coloring book and some crayons. The childlike innocence of just choosing color combinations while staying inside of already set-up lines can be quite soothing to the soul, especially when times are tough. Don’t think about what anyone else is doing. You know yourself best and only you know what you’re capable of doing.

5. Get in the Mood

If you think wearing a Warhol-style blonde wig and tight black denim will help you channel your inner artiste, then do it! Set up a sacred space in your home and block out a time for you to really indulge in the freedom to express yourself. Light candles. Put on some dope tunes to listen to. Get romantic with your art and fall head over heels in love with it. Most importantly, just have fun.


Marita Veronica combines intuition with her creativity upon starting and completing projects. Marita loves to take advantage of whatever creative outlet she can: photography, art, poetry, pole dancing, etc. She has wide child bearing hips for birthing movie babies. Marita loves to sit for hours in Washington Square Park with chalk and her hot pink boombox. Visit her at www.MaritaVeronica.com or follow her on Twitter @MaritaVeronica.

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Asst. Ed: Amy Cushing
Ed: Brianna Bemel

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