April 9, 2013

Be Gentle in Strength & Meek in Power. {Photography} ~ Sufey Suryanandi

Be gentle in strength and meek in power, for even the mighty iron rusts.

But be fearless in pain and joyous in death, for the grandfather oak grows out of withered leaves.

Take comfort in the dance of the cosmos, for what is yours today will be gone tomorrow: this is life.

So delight in the riches of the universe, and then let all go to bless another soul.




Model: Allowah Lani


Sufey is one happy little yogini. She’s very grateful for sunshine, coconuts, baby brothers and daily blessings from the universe. She would love to connect with you on her website, Facebook or Twitter. Om shanti!

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Ed: Brianna Bemel

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Read 8 comments and reply

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