Beautiful Agony: 8 Songs that Parallel the Rhythmic Path to Orgasm.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Apr 17, 2013
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The buildup between 130 and 227 is…good god, a lot of pressure, released!

Beautiful Agony.


Relephant bonus: Speaking of Orgasm… Reading to Climax. {NSFWish}

A few of my favorite songs, I realize, follow a pattern fundamental to life: and fundamental, too, to what makes life: sex; and fundamental, even more precisely, to the rhythm of sex that conceives life: that is, orgasm.

They start gently, methodically, but steadily, sweetly…they wander to and fro, but build all the while…they gather heat and form and storm and retreat and regather and build until! and then! And so! And… yet… yes… and until. And until they finally crescendo, and collapse, and relax.

…And, then, perhaps, they begin again, slowly, gently, methodically…

Here’s eight. Any others you can think of? Add them in comments below, I’ll add them here.

Number one. Best known from the Diamond Commercials of back-in-the-day, Karl Jenkins:

Number two. Carmina Burana, O Fortuna. Of course Read the amazing lyrics here:

Number three. Wagner. Flight of the Valkyries:

Number four: Khachaturian, the Sabre Dance.

Number five: from Hans Zimmer’s remarkable soundtrack for Gladiator: The Battle.


Number six: Carmen, Habanera, via Maria Callas. There’s a techno version of this that amazingly illustrates my point…couldn’t find it on youtube.

Number seven: too easy, but beautiful. It’s sex in a song:

Okay, there’s a thousand of these songs, I’m realizing. Every genre, it seems. Funk. Disco. Pop. Classical.

8. And Every Paul Van Dyk song, ever. Saw him at Coachella, and saw how we literally played the drugged up young crowd…building up, crescendo, collapse yeah!, building up, crescendo wow!, collapse. To be fair: just about every techno club electronica song, ever, fits the orgasm slow buildup and climax path.

beautiful agony orgasm sex

For more beautiful agony.

Bonus: Suggested by readers below:

Bonus: watch this one, especially the last bit. Red-faced then…ah.


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51 Responses to “Beautiful Agony: 8 Songs that Parallel the Rhythmic Path to Orgasm.”

  1. ToonForever says:

    Ravel was famous for this – both Bolero (almost cliche due to the movie "10") and Daphnis et Chloe "Danse Generale".

  2. elephantjournal says:

    oh yeeahhh

  3. paul says:

    I think of Rameau's La Sauvages is in this way too, starts at 2:27 but particularly at 2:47, "peaking" with 2:52 with a nice afterward

  4. Mz. Conduct says:

    Samba Pa Ti – Santana

  5. Debra says:

    Stay with this one:
    I would have posted sooner, but I started listening and one thing led to another…

  6. Grammy Harris says:

    I enjoyed Carmen the best, it really brings in the flowing ebb of passion. Dianna Ross is a good flow, but it doesn't quite get you there.
    I have always believed the perfect song for capturing an orgasm is "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin.
    You can 'feel' the shifting rhythm as each instrument is brought into play until the crescendo of which fades to that blissfully "bottom knocked out" feeling! It's also a perfect dance of lovemaking from eyes meeting to lips kissing to removing the clothing to mutual pleasure. Take a moment to breathe and then really FEEL it. Close your eyes….
    Give it a listen here (this version):

  7. elephantjournal says:

    best comment ever award

  8. Matthew says:

    Always thought that Pat Metheny's song here progressed so well towards an orgasmic finish…the title really should be "Are You Coming with Me?" Its rhythm is a pure sexual one, and the meandering solos sound like foreplay…

  9. Kristie says:


    The fun part starts around 3:55 🙂
    After orgasmic cuddling is included too 😀

  10. Intimit says:

    Can't go past 2Cellos 'Smooth Criminal'

  11. John says:

    This video is what I think. Soo good this video

  12. Laura Miller says:

    ‘In My Time of Dying,’ Led Zeppelin 😉

  13. Leah says:

    In total agreement with the Pat Metheny suggestion! Sexiest song ever 🙂

  14. cemilygo says:

    For quavering notes, seeping and saturated colors, flagrant womanswell, and swashbuckling displays of machismo, I choose Rimsky-Korsakoff's Capriccio Espagnol, the fourth and fifth movements – Scena y canto gitana and the fandango asturiano

  15. Steve X says:

    I can't believe Elgar's Cello Concerto has not been mentioned:

  16. fatatabata says:

    I'm doing my own playlist, guys. Sorry, I won't be online tonight 😀

  17. fatatabata says:

    Ah, I forgot.
    and Kath Bloom – Come here
    A great, slow, steady crescendo. Then go back to start point. Then go crescendo again.
    (from Before Sunrise's soundtrack)

  18. crowhillhouse says:

    "Zion" by Fluke.

  19. Mark says:

    1812 overture…. you can't beat the cannon blasts at the end for a climax.

  20. Karen says:

    Moby: "Rushing," "7," "Down Slow," "Everloving," "Inside," "Guitar Flute and String…" all from the album "Play"

  21. kmacku says:

    John Butler – Ocean (Max Sessions recording).

  22. Krishnabrodhi says:

    Thanks for making this post Waylon. I enjoyed it in an unexpected way. I remember a scene in the movie Immortal Beloved about the life of Beethoven where was a piece of music playing and he increased the understanding of it by his protegee by telling him the narrative behind it as it was playing. From that point on the protegee was greatly moved by the piece because he was more able to emotionally engage with it on a personal level. That scene in a lot of ways also changed how I approach a lot of music. Nevertheless I don't usually experience much in the way of a personal emotional reaction from classical music. And I can often slip into the space of not seeing its relevance in the times we live in.

    And then I listened to the piece from Gladiator you posted. Which, even though it accompanied a period battle, is a by all rights a contemporary piece of classical music. Except this time I had somewhat more of a personal emotional narrative to hang onto being that I was remembering the battle as I saw it in the theaters. Being very immersed at the time I watched it I rememberd the exhileration I experienced during that scene. It was quite the different experience than most that I have had while listening to classical music. Though I would've never thought to do it before I think I may start picking up more movie scores to listen to now. And who knows… I might be inspired to rub one out too. 😀

    Thanks again for the random pearl in my day.

    Here's a link to the scene that I mentioned…

  23. Olivia says:

    A current favourite:

    And this one – always takes me by surprise!

  24. C.C. says:

    Funny, though, I wouldn;t want any of those playing while trying to have one. lol

    what about Floyd?!

  25. Matt says:

    I'm surprised U2's "All I Want Is You" hasn't been mentioned yet; to me, it's so exactly that. One of my favorite things that pop music has done so far.

  26. Stasha says:

    Touch me in the morning by Rui da Silva. But i guess its more a multiple orgasm song ;).

  27. Jo says:

    My favourite is "Moments In Love" from Art Of Noise

  28. Indianna says:

    The leibestodt (love/death) from Tristan und Isolde (Wagner)

  29. sallyroberts says:

    Wagner may have been a horrible man, but he clearly understood women and how we work…..

  30. vegancinephile says:

    The Habanera is just the best thing ever, in general.

  31. mina reyes says:

    How about Beethoven’s Moonlight sonata and Mille anni passi by Corvux corax

  32. Ozge says:

    A Turkish song I love a lot, maybe a good example.

  33. Ronnie T says:

    "Je t'aime…moi non plus" by Jane Birkin and a whiter shade of pale by procol harum

  34. Celia says:

    One of my favorites is Gato Barbieri's rendition of Europa – sexyyyyy!

  35. marcaeolog says:

    I can think of several: Grieg "Hall of the Mountain King" , Benny Mardones… , K.D.Lang and Roy Orbison "Crying" , then of course there are the multiple orgasms of Cohen's "Hallelujah" (again I like K.D. Lang ) and another multiple, Mussgorsky "Night on Bald Mountain". , finally I would suggest anything by Heart, "Crazy on You" , "Magic Man" , "Alone" and especially their version of "Stairway to Heaven" from the Kennedy Ctr.

  36. Karyl Anne says:

    “Wicked Games” by Chris Isaac. It is impossible to NOT get turned on while listening. Its beat mimics the human heart right after orgasm.

  37. alienorbit says:

    KASHMIR – Led Zeppelin

  38. Brandy says:

    No one mentioned Janis Joplin! You cannot go wrong with this version of Ball and Chain!

  39. Basia says:

    The Beatles A Day in the Life, the last part of the song.

  40. Gina says:

    David Gilmour, On an Island, but I love this choice as well!!

  41. Mercy says:

    This City Never Sleeps by The Eurythmics. Sexiest song ever.

  42. Jodi m says:

    Donna Summer's Love to Love You Baby?????? A nice addition, listen to the extended 17 minute version.

  43. kent says:

    maybe it's why people do it, different kind of big O but.

  44. Mara says:

    "Dissolved Girl": by Massive Attack

  45. John says:

    Starless by King Crimson comes to mind, the instrumental part.