April 23, 2013

Boulder/Denver New Tech presents: Waylon Lewis tells the Elephant Journal Story. #bdnt

Boulder/Denver New Tech, organized and fun by Robert Reich, is as I like to say the most inspiring and simultaneously practical thing going in Boulder, Colorado. It’s a good part of the reason Boulder is now, suddenly, a leading tech community in the US and world, and there’s more energy in its meetings than there are at open mic nights in Boulder (formerly home to much of the Beat Generation’s troublemaking in the 70s and 80s, so that’s saying a lot).

So we were honored to be invited by Robert to present, and take questions, and get raked over the coals a bit.

This video is missing the first bit, and the questions and answers. But the sound’s good:

Here’s the full vid, but with awful sound (it’s my iPhone, held by a friend).

If you tweet or share this, use #bdnt ! Danke!

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Read 3 comments and reply

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