Elephant to Publish Magazine Again. {April Fools’ edition}

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on Apr 1, 2013
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dog abuse (of human)

In stunning reversal, elephantjournal.com declares it’ll once again print a magazine.

Elephant To Publish Magazine Again

—stunning reversal—

“Last six months Sucked,” says editor-in-chief Waylon Lewis.

New Media is old news.

Waylon Lewis, founding editor of elephant journal, has finally agreed to sell the rights to elephant journal—to Gaiam, of course—so we’ll be printing a magazine again. The new magazine will be printed on virgin paper, no longer New Leaf—it’s all about taking over the world, and saving money in order to do so. Walking the talk can be too expensive, and hard to grow quickly. Like other national “eco” magazines, we’ll be happy to maintain a 3/10 sell-thru rate—and rake in the green dollars, baby!

With the money from the sale of elephant, Waylon has put in an order for a Tesla, but has paid extra to get a gas engine installed in it—something no one else has.

In other stunning reversals…

…elephant journal dot com editor Waylon Lewis has hit a car with his bike, injuring the driver and failing to leave his name and insurance info.

…Perhaps he got a bump on his head, though, as he’s suddenly very quiet at meetings, humble, concerned about others, a walking St. Francis or Gandhi-like figure.

…He no longer has political ambitions,

…is no longer racist,

…Finally, in a string of other reversals of the past six months, Waylon’s eco-remodeled Victorian home, Hotelephant, is off the market,

…he’s reopened eco offices downtown

…and has a staff again—gone are the days, so recently, when he sat alone in his organic American Apparel briefs drinking coffee and eating without utensils.

Finally, in a heartening reversal, ele has won the advertising support of big green/LOHAS companies including Whole Foods, Seventh Generation, Method, Simple, Gaiam, American Apparel, Planet Green, Eileen Fisher, Sounds True and even the City of Boulder—all of whom had supported more mainstream publications, previously.

PS: Waylon Lewis has been named as a candidate for Naropa University’s next President. Overlooking his inexperience, ineptitude, and inexplicable self-regard, Naropa states in a recent Press Release that they wanted to bring “sex and sake, like in the 70s, man” back to their bucolic campus.

waylon lewis, douche-bag.

Bonus: Another sign Global Warming is here, now:


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23 Responses to “Elephant to Publish Magazine Again. {April Fools’ edition}”

  1. Rachel says:

    you had me at virgin paper…

  2. sj* says:

    i had to read it twice. whew!sj*

  3. Kelsi says:

    hahahah "sex and sake"

  4. leah beltran says:

    i adore you waylon. period.

  5. alex says:

    Nice April fools!

  6. robert says:

    awesome–nicely done!

  7. Zoe V says:

    For a moment I thought you were serious and then I realized it's April 1st!!! LOL

  8. lindseyb says:

    I was on the verge of tears.

    New media is old news. Haha

  9. AnJill says:

    Ok Waylon, it's April 1st so …you got me… I am peeing my pants and I will definitely attend Naropa if Sex and Sake are part of the curriculum.. love your adoring fan in NJ…

  10. pamkamp says:

    I totally fell for it…was already thinking about the design

  11. Una Morera says:

    I wish!!! We would love to own you! xoxoxo

  12. Andrea says:

    Glad to see Redford is reprimanding you in public for a change.

  13. gwenbell says:

    You had me until "New Media is Old News." Nice try, though. You & Redford are adorable.

  14. pcar gtr says:

    aaahhh I went back and forth beleiving and saying nooooo BS. I was almost gonna congratulate you on your presidential appointment

  15. via FB:
    Aprils fool , go back in time
    10:39am · See Wall-to-Wall

    Robin Rudoy So you printing a magazine, Eco-reverse
    10:38am ·
    Linda Sparrowe at 10:05am April 1
    that's GREAT news Waylon!!

    Casey Feicht at 10:09am April 1
    is this an april fool's joke? I am so gullible!!!

    Sandja Brügmann at 10:16am April 1
    awesome… why didnt you tell me yesterday?

    Anna Kristina Gilkerson at 10:22am April 1
    April Fools….?

    Jennifer MacFarlane at 10:32am April 1
    oi vey! haha

    Pat Smith at 10:33am April 1

    Tamara Kerner at 10:39am April 1
    very funny

    Rick Gilbert at 10:39am April 1
    How can you make jokes when toxic threats are looming!

    Lance Emerson at 10:04am April 1
    Awesome switch back to reality , unless of course its April fools day. haha.

    Sandja Brügmann at 10:20am April 1
    LOL – nice April's fool! If this ever happend Way, the world would be at a lost.

    Kate Casavecchia Crisp at 11:05am April 1
    hail president lewis!

  16. caroline says:

    first (and probably only) april fool's joke i got today in buenos aires…i was afraid of not getting any.
    Kudos haha

  17. Sam Breed says:

    so you're telling me we just redesigned the site for nothing!!!!


  18. Victoria Everman at 10:41am April 1
    How exciting!

    ReportMathew Gerson at 10:42am April 1
    like, oh my god

    ReportRobert Leja at 10:43am April 1
    beautiful 🙂

    ReportDarrin Daniel at 10:44am April 1
    got me!

    ReportErin Dennis at 10:47am April 1
    be sure to do online as well. Stay Green!

    ReportPeggy O'Neil at 11:23am April 1
    I'm so happy to hear that, I've missed the mag!

    ReportKathleen May-Rosenfeld at 11:23am April 1
    Congratulations! Good marriage.

    ReportAndrew Cord Friberg at 11:41am April 1
    April Fools right

    ReportZoe Vaklinova at 11:45am April 1
    wait a minute…that was a joke, huh? lol

    ReportKathleen May-Rosenfeld at 12:12pm April 1
    Oooh, we've been had! Waylon the Trickster!

  19. liz brown says:

    Waylon! Finally. i was wondernig when you would start understanding the REAL meaning of GREEN ($$$). Did you hear Yellow Line's News!: http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs050/11023722

    lotsa love and sake.

  20. peggy says:

    editor in chief! I am so stunned! I"m so …beyond happy about this! This means you should take a vacation..hint hint
    before you become married once again to your virgin paper princess.

  21. jmp says:

    love that picture of you and your dawgie!