Independent, Family-Owned Nature’s Path is Doing the Right Thing & Having Fun Doing So.

Via Walk The Talk Show
on Apr 17, 2013
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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis: Arjan Stephens of Nature’s Path.

“Always leave the soil better than you found it. That’s the foundation of Nature’s Path.” ~ Arjan Stephens

We have an eco entrepreneur crush on this good, happy, generous, caring man, his family and his company, Nature’s Path Organic Foods.

Waylon served as video host at Natural Products Expo West, the biggest “eco” foods and products gathering in the world, where small companies go to make it big, and huge company go to gobble up promising newcomers, and groceries go to see who they want to feature on their shelves. Among this grand coming together of “business” and “green,” Waylon admires a few companies for walking their talk. Nature’s Path is one such. Here’s why:

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