Jyotish {Vedic} Horoscopes for the Week of 4.15.

Via Saraswati J.
on Apr 16, 2013
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Navaratri (Nine Days of Mother Divine) culminates on Friday the 19th, followed by Ram Navami (Lord Rama’s Birthday) on the 20th.

Sun, Mars, Venus and Ketu are all in Aries now (Mars in its own sign and Sun Exalted). This produces a lot of heat, fire and combustion. It can be an experience of purification, however it may be uncomfortable. Fire rites come to mind. You may experience this on the level of ego, Self, relationships and in the physical body.

Currently, Mercury debilitated in Pisces, Saturn and Rahu in Libra, Jupiter in Taurus. Moon is waxing (bright half).

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity.

Aries: This is the time to get things done! Your week may start with a financial woe, a miscommunication, or sub par courage and strength. This is the reminder to slow down, cool off and gather your Self. There is so much energy and power in your first house that it may feel overwhelming right now. Be mindful of your relationships—direct your inner power responsibly. Take care of home matters, children, romance, intelligence and comforts this week. Learn something new, but don’t let it go to your head! Watch your temper.

Taurus: Liberation, moksha, retreat and meditation, traveling abroad, losses, are likely to be consuming you. You may also be strongly desiring marriage suddenly! Don’t make rash decisions until this energy simmers down. Your mind/intelligence is not the most clear right now. Is there discomfort? Lack of financial security and support? Wanting more sustenance? Likely there is a connection from your past and/or early childhood experiences. Gather some insights and clues, then take an action step that is rooted in liberation.

Gemini: Luck and friendships are being maximized—watch for the discomfort and enemies. Be bold and courageous. Career feels cloudy and uncertain—the intelligence needed here is still a storm that needs direction and focus. Retreat time, foreign travel, meditation and liberation bring expansion. This may be connected with friends or gains.

Cancer: Your house of career is on fire. Feeling angry, emotional upheavals, desire for change? Your mind is elsewhere and likely in a distant land already. Your heart and home may be feeling stormy. Find the eye of the hurricane and hang on to your hat. You will need courage, good friends and meditation time in order to get ahead and weather the storm. Art, creativity and passion are great resources for you. Use them properly.

Leo: Your friendships, gains and desires are going through a transformation right now. Find the pause button and slow the pace. The fire is burning in your ninth house of dharma, guru, father and higher learning. There is plenty to gain for you right now if you take the time and use the inner resources within you. Use this time to go deeply into Self. You may be surprised what comes up for you. Clues: ego within relationships, emotional perseverance, courage to keep growing, trust in the unknown, deep surrender.

Virgo: You may not be on your best behavior right now—mentally at least. Be careful of what you say in order to prevent issues within your relationships. The transformational powers within are on full blast now. Past karmas are moving you and working their unknown magic. Weather the storm with meditation, transcendental knowledge, wisdom and mystical insights. The discomfort is your vulnerability. Find a new relationship with the void, the unknown, the Absolute.

Libra: Mind your relationships right now—there’s too much heat and fire in your seventh house not to expect some combustion. Watch your temper! There may be boons or issues with career and finances this week depending on the nature of your chart. Expect new friendships and relationships to be sparked this weekend. Perhaps they will be helpful for your career?! Use this as a time for inner transformation and personal growth.
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Scorpio: The heat is in the stomach for you. What are you digesting? What are you not? Keeping cool and digesting anger, problems with enemies and attack, and mental anxieties are essential right now. The aspect from Saturn is the wind fanning the flames. Use your prana properly. Relationships may be extra hot right now. Your mind is in deep transition and though you are mostly comfortable being in retreat mode, you can’t hide forever.

Sagittarius: Your intelligence and decisiveness are fully lit. Gaining new knowledge and skills sounds appealing, as long as it doesn’t mean the same old career path. You are healing through and digesting new information, guidance and support right now. Give your Self the necessary and required alone time to do so properly. Meditation is ideal and necessary. Avoid heavy foods and mind your gut.

Capricorn: Heart, home, mother, land and vehicles are fully heated while career may feel uncertain and unpredictable at times. This week, work with the mental body and digest the mind—its anxieties, fluctuations, and its effects on your courage and artistry. Navigate relationship matters and transformations of the ego. Intellect and knowledge can still be bonuses for you if you put in a little elbow grease.

Aquarius: A sudden surge of courage and valor has been awakened within you and may effect your relationships, career path and the knowledge that you attract. Make sure you follow trustworthy sources if you wish to avoid obstructions (an ancient lineage is always a plus). Take the time this week to digest your emotions so the fire doesn’t get out of hand. Go with your gut instincts. Avoid arguments—especially with siblings.

Pisces: Is it royal discomfort or powerful self expression? You may be experiencing vulnerability and transformations along with past karmas and inner storms. Be mindful of what you say and how you say it—this will directly impact your relationships. Continue to forward your career and expand your courage, but know that you aren’t thinking as clearly as you should. Keep calm and carry on. This week, digest the anxiety that comes up around ego in order to avoid heart burn.


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