April 3, 2013

Living in Gratitude. ~ Helene Rose

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When we hold the energy of gratitude, our eyes and hearts open up to the incredible beauty around us.

We can access the infinite possibilities for creating the lives of our dreams.

What does it mean to live in gratitude and why do we want to?

Living in gratitude means that we embody appreciation in every moment. We feel in our hearts the gift of the life around us, surrounding us, and within us.

We are aware of the bubbling, bursting appreciation flowing energy through our beings and we can express to ourselves and to the being-ness around us the feeling of gratitude.

How can we practice living in gratitude?

Embodying gratitude is a practice—a daily practice, a moment-to-moment practice.

Have you noticed how we sometimes say a customary, polite thank you without really feeling or embodying it? This is a good start, it’s better than not saying thank you, but we want to take it deeper.

We want to be gratitude.

We can be thankful for every single moment that we take a breath. We can be thankful in every single moment of connecting with another being. We can be thankful every single moment for our open eyes and our open hearts.

A gratitude practice has the potential to change lives, to heal relationships, to open yourself to new creative possibilities.

Some concrete ways to bring this more deeply into your life and your being:

Sit quietly with yourself, naming the qualities that you appreciate about yourself.

Every morning before crawling out of bed, give thanks for the earth and name how she supports you.

When tucking your children into bed, name one thing that you appreciate about them, and share that authentically with them.

When having a conversation with a friend, notice what you appreciate about her and tell her.

When someone shows appreciation for you, consciously receive it, breath deeply, and feel into how it shifts your being.

What do we do when we fall off the wagon?

Sometimes we may get stuck in a rut, and be unable to feel the gratitude bubbling within us. This happens to everyone at different points in our lives.

During times like these, you must refrain from judging or criticizing yourself. Go off into a quiet space free from all outside distractions and just hold yourself in a gentle way.

Sit at long as you need to with your pain, holding it like you would hold a baby. Give yourself the gift of quiet space.

May your day be full of reverence, joy and gratitude, knowing that you are perfect in this moment.



Helene Rose, MS, CRM dedicates her life to the practice of mindfulness; creating peace within her self, her family, her community and our world. She is a mom, teacher, healer, and writer in Boulder, Colorado. Her mission is to inspire and nourish your inner light so that you may live a joyful, connected, healthy, satisfying and magical life! Find Helene here.


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barbara Apr 3, 2013 4:23pm

This is beautiful. I have been struggling for some time with an absence of joy in my life. A friend asked me if I wrote in a gratitude journal, something I had done for a while a few years back. I told her no, sadly, I didn't. I started up again just this Monday. I joked that I felt so much better afterward that I put on TWO shades of eyeshadow instead of my customary one. Thank you for sharing this, Helen.

Helene Rose Apr 3, 2013 2:27pm

Thank you Maureen! I'd love if you would share it with your peeps! Hugs!

Maureen Miller Apr 3, 2013 9:54am

Love this, Helene!

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