April 20, 2013

Taking the Lead from Down Under. ~ Sarah Rosenberg

How the other half lives?

Hot topics in the US today—gun control and gay marriage—have been tackled and surmounted by our fellow English-speaking humans on the other side of the globe.

Enjoy a few moments of levity, along with a healthy dose of common sense and logic, as Australians and New Zealanders manage these issues without losing their senses of humor or dignity.

Australia on Gun Control via the Daily Show

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Gun Control Whoop-de-doo
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New Zealand on Gay Marriage





Sarah Rosenberg runs with scissors, eats with her fingers, and encourages her dogs to kiss her on the mouth. She lives and breathes as the grateful shepherd of her nearly-nine-year-old daughter, whose old soul belies her young bodily incarnation. Sarah’s writing creates fissures in her seemingly hard surface, allowing slivers of brilliant light to shine out from within. She is a sheep in wolf’s clothing.





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