April 17, 2013

Tascalate: The Unknown Natural Booster. ~ Ana Yansi


This unique drink in flavor is a mixed powder of toasted corn, cacao, annatto, pine nuts and cinnamon.

It is invigorating and has a reddish terracotta color—the best news is that you don’t need to add sugar to it because it is naturally really tasty.

This peculiar drink is very common in Chiapas, Mexico; it is served cold, as it is greatly refreshing for people living in this warm and damp weather region.

Personally, I prefer drinking it hot, either with plain water, almond, or quinoa milk. It is an excellent drink for the morning time.

It’s easy to prepare, energizing and gives you quality nutrients. The distinctive mixture is made of 100 percent natural ingredients.

Corn: the properties of the corn are stimulating; it heightens your mood and strengthens your brain. It contains vitamin B and is excellent to satisfy your hunger because of its caloric properties. Also, it is suitable for those who are intolerant to gluten.

Cacao: well-known worldwide for its multiple benefits, one of which is the number of antioxidants; plus it elevates the mood and helps to battle depression.

Achiote: also known as annatto, compared with saffron, it is a natural spice used in Mexican food. It is used to prevent parasites and to improve digestion.

Pine nuts: richer in proteins than walnuts and almonds. Pine nuts are also known for their richness in essential oils.

Cinnamon: use of cinnamon in Chinese and Ayurvedric medicine are extensive in a wide range of conditions. Cinnamon benefits digestion and improves breathing. For its sweet, woody, and spicy flavor and taste, it is an excellent ingredient in smoothies and coffee.

I really love green juices, especially to detox. We must let go of the idea that raw and cold works all time, especially if you live in cold weather regions where it is important to keep your body temperature warm.

All in all, tascalate is an excellent drink to take care of your body.

If you feel blurry, you will see how a glass of it pushes you up in a natural way, especially after a night of insomnia or before a workout to nourish your body.

Hot tascalate to warm you up:

A glass of organic almond or quinoa milk.

– One to two tablespoons of organic tascalate

Mix tascalate and milk in your favorite mug. Beat it well until you get a thick mash. Add boiling water and more milk to taste.


Cold tascalate to refresh your body:

– Natural water

– One to two tablespoons of organic tascalate

– Frappe ice

Mix tascalate with a trickle of warm water in a glass, shake it well until you get a thick mash. Add water until the mash dissolves, pour it in a separate glass with frappe ice or ice cubes. You may also use a blender to beat it.




Ana Yansi has experience in various yoga lineages. In daily life when she is not teaching yoga or transmitting Buddhist teachings, then she is practicing meditation, or studying Ayurveda and Shindo. Connect with her on her website, or email her at [email protected]



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Assist Ed: Olivia Gray/Ed: Bryonie Wise


Source: vanguardia.com.mx via Daniella on Pinterest


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