April 15, 2013

The Wannabe Yogi Strikes Again. ~ Dawn Meysel

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Unlike the cobra, the only striking this yogi’s been doing involves bed, books and chocolate.

After a month of no yoga my beloved teacher returned from her travels. I waddled back into the studio at the beginning of April with much joy in my heart.

In fact, I nearly cried I was so happy to see her. You see, I’m not yet at the stage of hauling out my mat and practicing on my own. Don’t ask me why, I just can’t.

Being accepted, warts and all.

I still had a few Easter egg chocolate crumbs on my top, but she ignored that and pulled me into her arms for a welcome home hug.

I realize now, as we settle back into the routine, that the studio is where I’m accepted…completely.

I may have chocolate smears on my shirt and not be able to do a shoulder stand. However, I’m showing up and I’m trying.

Each week I can bend a fraction farther and hold a pose for a second longer. These accomplishments are met with much praise and support from the rest of the class.

I’m becoming part of a community where it’s not about being perfect. It’s about being there regularly and trying. That’s all.

The smear campaign.

As an aside, the chocolate smears were a result of eating Easter eggs in bed before class. A piece broke off and I couldn’t find it. I subsequently had a post egg feast nap and then proceeded about my business.

Fortunately, I have teenage daughters who scrutinized me from head to toe before I leave the house. Apparently I’ve embarrassed them once too often!

Turns out the rogue choccie piece had settled on my pillow. During my lovely nap it had melted and clung to my cheek and neck with much love, which only other chocoholics can understand.

So there I was about to venture forth with a chocolate smeared countenance. My children screamed in horror and after falling about laughing, they steered me into the bathroom to view the damage.

Must say, even I got a bit of a shock! Puts a new meaning on the words chocolate facial.

It was scraped and wiped off and I was duly dispatched off to yoga with stern warnings to stop sleeping with chocolate.

Hidden snacks.

I see the kids missed a piece on my t-shirt collar. Wonder if anyone will notice if I try to lick it off when we’re doing Downward Dog? Heck, I need the energy!

This is part four of the Wannabe Yogi’s journey with yoga.
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Dawn Meysel hails from South Africa. Wife, Mother of Twins, lover of books, her bed, her family, her two Zen Masters (her cats) and chocolate. She’s astounded by love and grace, appalled at hatred and injustice. Intrepid seeker of Truth, student of the soul and spirituality, counselor, friend. She’s a novice student of yoga, a vegetarian, animal rights activist and non flakey in the nicest way! She lives by two mottos, “This too shall pass” and “Now, with God’s help, I shall become myself.”


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