50 Paulo Coelho Quotes for the Soul. ~ Dusty Ranft

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on May 23, 2013
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Need some soul food? Sit down to the table with Paulo Coelho—dinner has been served.

Paulo Coelho is a native Brazilian, born in Rio de Janeiro. The author of over 30 brilliant literary works. Among them, The Alchemist remains one of the best-selling books in history.

{Source: infographicaday.com via John Kremer on Pinterest}
{Source: infographicaday.com via John Kremer on Pinterest}


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Dusty RanftDusty Ranft (RYT-500, RN) is a wild one.  A writer, yoga teacher, studio owner (in the making), runner, foodie leanin’ vegan, Mommy to Big Doggie (a Pit bull rescue), (retired) nurse, health nut, smoothie drinkin’— juice makin’ lover of life.  She has beat the holy hell out of Cancer, ran two marathons, won many games of thumb wars, read thousands of amazing books, and lives trying to answer the universal questions:  Who am I?  Why am I here?  Dusty has decided to turn pro in life.  She believes that all of life is practice and pumps her fist in the air every time she reads these words by Steven Pressfield, “Once we turn pro, we’re like sharks who have tasted blood, or renunciants who have glimpsed the face of God.  For us, there is no finish line.  No bell ends the bout.  Life is the pursuit.  Life is the hunt.  When our hearts burst…then we’ll go out, and no sooner.”  You can find her practicing handstands every chance she gets, teaching what she learns in her yoga classes, laughing really hard, pleading with the muse to shine inspiration on her writings, and sharing gritty realism with her closest companions.  If that isn’t enough, look on Facebook, Twitter, InstagramPinterest and follow the growth of Tree House Yoga (a soon to be brick and mortar replica of her heart).

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6 Responses to “50 Paulo Coelho Quotes for the Soul. ~ Dusty Ranft”

  1. Paulo Coelho is my hero! I have read The Alchemist over 50 times – no I am not crazy, it has been my companion for the last 15 years and believe me, it has been some journey. Right now I am finishing up the book once again – I get "something" from the book every time I read it…

  2. devacat says:

    No offense to those who find him valuable, but, speaking as a writer, this makes me cringe. He sells millions of books to people who don't read books–a Reader's Digest for the New Age. There's nothing here that hasn't been stolen from a better writer and dumbed down in the process.

  3. ellenx says:

    "… for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." -Matthew 6:21
    #25 "Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure." -Paul Coelho???

  4. Aella says:

    I love The Alchemist, I am rereading it yet again. Amazing quotes.

  5. tlangsr says:

    #39.. this is out of context.. He says in his book that this is the worlds greatest lie….. his point was you can change anything anytime.. it is all possible..

  6. md2015 says:

    Can you recommend some titles, please? I'd love to read some great books that contain things like the above if you wouldn't mind!