May 13, 2013

Enjoying the Coffee Shop Experience: Solo or Socially. {Partner}

The Buzz: social experience in tea and coffee + “your time” for simple indulgences.

elephant is proud to partner with Pekoe, a wonderful business we’ve enjoyed hanging out (and drinking) in for years. We love laptopping it up at their sip houses around Boulder and enjoying their yummy, mindfully-sourced coffee & teas. ~ the Management

One of the most curious things about a coffee and tea experience is that the two most popular ways to have it are complete opposites. It is either a social experience or a simple solo indulgence. I know that in the most hectic times of my life I crave a few simple minutes to myself, where I can sit quietly with my matcha latte in a Pekoe Sip House location, and just be. I can read a book, or catch up on emails, or enjoy a few minutes where I don’t have to be responsible for anyone or anything other than myself.

I can truly enjoy my time, the precious and exceedingly rare moments I have alone and I emerge regenerated and refreshed.

Or, the exact opposite is what I crave. I will still go to Pekoe, but I am meeting a friend I haven’t seen in a long time, and nothing is going to feed my soul more than catching up with a good person I rarely get to see. I’ll drink my matcha latte indulgence, but this time I’m sharing a table, and maybe a snack with a good friend or two and really getting to savor the moment with good company. The sense of camaraderie surely livens my day, connecting with other people—especially adults as I spend most of my time with a three year old—feels really uplifting and energizing.

Taking the time to slow down and really connect with other people is increasingly important in an age when we do most things online.

Both of these experiences feed us in important and meaningful ways (besides the caffeine buzz) and allow us to reconnect with others and ourselves. Even the simple task of slowing down to enjoy a beverage is calming and invigorating. Around the world coffee shops and teahouses are the preferred locales for taking “your time” for yourself or meeting with friends to catch up and enjoy a few precious free moments amidst the constant busyness of our lives. Go visit your favorite coffee or tea spot today, either alone or invite a friend. You deserve it.

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Autumn White Graves is a Boulder, Colorado native who spends the majority of her time with a vivacious three-year-old. When she finds time, she enjoys practicing yoga and pilates, reading, cooking for her family and part-time writing and consulting.



Pekoe Sip House was born in Boulder, Colorado in 2003. Our focus is on crafting the perfect cup for each of our customers and providing a comfortable, friendly and enjoyable setting. We want our customers to enjoy quality time through things that enrich life and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Tea revives, replenishes and heals. Pekoe Sip House is an experience free from artificiality enabling our visitors to indulge a little and enjoy a simple splurge from the everyday. “Sip. Relax. Enjoy.”

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