May 3, 2013

How to Feel Satisfied with Your Weight. ~ Tova Payne

Have You Ever Struggled with Your Weight?

Three Must-Know Tips to Conquer the Battle

At some time or another, most people have felt unsatisfied with their body whether they were at a healthy weight or not.

Whether your struggle is in losing weight or feeling satisfied at your current weight, these three sure-fire tips are the major factors that influence your ability to find your perfect weight.

1. Gratitude

When you focus on thanking your body for all that it does for you, you move into that place of gratitude that leads to more self-love and appreciation. You see, the problem is we tend to take our body for granted. We expect our body to get things done for us without recognizing the miracles it performs every day. The wonders of the body are many, and no, I am not talking about lifting a 100 pound barbell. I am talking about the fact that we can go to the bathroom. We can get out of bed. We can lift ourselves off our seat. These daily acts of living, are things that so many people are not privileged to have. If you are one of those people, there are still things your body can do for you that you can take a moment and deeply appreciate. When you focus on body-appreciation and move into a place of deep body-respect, you will naturally want to take care of it and feed it healthier foods.

2. Acceptance

If you want a healthy body now, you need to start accepting your body as it is, in this moment. Now, don’t mix up acceptance for apathy. Apathy is a state of non-caring, and therefore there is no desire to grow. On the other hand, acceptance is the absolute foundation for caring where there is plenty of room for growth. If you don’t accept yourself as you are in this moment, you have very little reason to want to care for your body, or help it lift to a greater level of health. This is why accepting your body as it is right now is vital to lifelong body care, and moving forward to achieving your perfect weight. Acceptance starts through taking a few moments to recognize why your body is the way it is. So many factors effect our eating habits—from lack of health knowledge, to trying times, all of which play a significant role in how and what we feed our body. Take some time to look at all that you have been through and recognize that until now you have done the best you can with the knowledge and life circumstances you have had. Recognize and fully embrace this so that you can move forward and actively choose to make better health choices starting now.

3. Live Your Life

So many people use weight as an excuse to put things off. When you put your life on hold, you feel less satisfied in your life, which is one of the top reasons people overeat.

Have you ever said, “I’ll buy myself a new pair of jeans once I lose those 10 pounds.” Or, how about, “I’ll go swimming once I lose the baby weight.” Or, “I’ll go out to that event once my old dress looks good on me again.”

I think you can hear your excuses brewing. Putting your life on hold because of your weight takes away your personal power to live a fulfilling life now and is an underlying reason to why you are not losing the weight.

Make a decision to take your power back, and choose to live a more fulfilling life now. Stop using your weight as an excuse to not do things, and this alone is a powerful strategy to lose the weight. When you are living a more satisfying life, you will find yourself turning to food less to fill the void you are seeking.



Tova Payne has a background in psychology, with a bachelors of science from McGill University. She is also a registered holistic nutritionist (RHN), and registered yoga teacher (E-RYT). She has been involved in wellness for over a decade, and teaching yoga for the last seven years. Tova finds meditation to be a key tool to enhancing clarity, focus, creating a balanced and peaceful life. She has authored Learn To Meditate, available on Amazon. Her next book to be released is an integrative comprehensive approach to living an empowered healthy life through nourishing our body, mind and spirit. Updates for the release of her book are available on her website www.tovapayne.com.



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