Jesus Must Have Changed His Mind.

Via Tom Grasso (Gyandeva)
on May 24, 2013
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Jesus crown of thorns - West Pier Brighton
photo by: Leonski

Here I sit, my Bible in hand, trying to find that part where Jesus changed his mind.

I look through Matthew. Nothing. I look through Mark. Nada. I search through Luke, still nothing. I get past John and, surprisingly, I still find nothing.

Given what I see from those who say they worship Jesus as “God,” I figure somewhere Jesus must have changed his mind. The book I was taught while suffering through Catholic school must have miraculously changed at some point since those lessons. I wouldn’t be surprised; after all, the God of the book did all kinds of wild stuff, so certainly changing the entire text on which His superstition, er, I mean religion was based certainly could be done.

Yet I can’t find a single edit.

I can’t see where Jesus suddenly turned his back on the poor, calling them “lazy freeloaders” along the way. I can’t find that notion where the poor were put on notice that they were “on their own” to either starve or beg for mercy to some church as a part of their poverty. I can’t see where Jesus said that the wealthy were deserved of special treatment or any kind of hero-worship.

Nope, my book still says the wealthy will have a hard time getting into heaven. My book still has Jesus eating with the most hated of his society. My book still has him working to feed the poor without conditions.


I can’t find where Jesus is pro-death penalty in my Bible. I can’t find where he condemns people to death for violating the laws of the land. I’m sure it has to be in there somewhere because, after all, the Christian part of our society seems strongly in favor of the death penalty. I must have to reread it all over again because certainly those who follow Jesus as Lord and Master could not be for something he was not.

I also can’t seem to find that part where Jesus seeks wealth. I can’t find the capitalist Jesus every conservative Christian seems to know. I look for the man named Jesus who worships money and puts nearly everything behind amassing wealth and power. I can’t find that Jesus though, and I can’t find where he even held a job—let alone created a company. I am fairly certain that the Americanized conservative Jesus would have had one of the 12 carrying a cash register while another of the 12 carried a sandwich board stating the prices for being healed. I think it’s also fair to say that Americanized conservative Jesus would have had a 501-3(c) as well as a Political Action Committee all at his disposal.

I’m also fairly certain the Americanized conservative Jesus also only raised the dead of the highest bidder. That’s the capitalist way!

Not to get on a tangent, but if the afterlife Jesus described was so wonderful, why did he raise people from the dead anyway? If I had died, was in heaven, and then was brought back by Jesus, I’d get off my stone slab and beat him with my shoe. I know, heaven didn’t exist until Jesus died…or something like that. Uh huh.

Okay, back to the gist of my thought.

I also can’t find where Jesus felt the need to have a weapon to protect himself. I do realize that anyone who can walk on water probably would have no need for a sword, but even when he could have used one he did not and commanded others not to use theirs. Certainly the Bible has undergone a Divine edit there. I’m sure it reads,

Then the men stepped forward, seized Jesus and arrested him. 51 With that, one of Jesus’ companions reached for his sword, drew it out and struck the servant of the high priest, cutting off his ear.

52 “Give me that thing,” Jesus said to him, “we must defend ourselves against this terror.” And with that Jesus killed everyone save those who agreed with him, and the world was safe for capitalism and democracy.

The fact check is all done and, well, mine still says, “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.” No caveats, no conditions, just a simple statement of fact.

Yet, it seems conservative Christian America is addicted to our modern version of the sword. This conservative Christian America not only suffers from this addiction, and would not only draw the sword, but would also use it with reckless abandon despite the fact that God (or Jesus) did not sneak into our homes in the middle of the night and change the texts to be more agreeable their version of America. Of course he may have feared being shot.

Then there is our “War on Terror.” Our “War on Drugs.” Our imprisonment of more people by percentage of our population than any other industrialized country. Sexual repression and oppression. Guantanamo Bay. This isn’t even going back into our history of racial persecution, slavery, gender oppression and slaughter of indigenous people.

It leads me to wonder what version of Christianity conservatives suggest we were founded on; the one Jesus lived in the story or the one they have created in their heads as their own. That’s an easy answer because the Jesus I have read about is nothing like the Christian conservatives of America. That is unless the only Bible not changed to fit their model of Christianity is the one I am reading.

I suggest we end this pretentious fallacy that this nation was founded on any version of real Christianity.

Real Christianity doesn’t exist, much like Jesus didn’t exist. No one has ever raised a person from the dead after days on a slab. No one has ever reattached a limb without surgery.

The greatest proof I have found that Jesus did not exist is Christianity itself. The greatest proof I have found that the God of the Bible doesn’t exist comes from those who say they believe in Him.

If Christians really believed Jesus existed and that everything in the Bible existed and was truth, they would have no need to defend their life and property. Gun sales would plummet because they are all on their way to that wonderful place in the sky Jesus talked about. Why defend a life here when something like heaven awaits you out there? Pass the wine and bread, I need a good buzz.

If Christians really believed they would not be so different than the Jesus in the Bible. They’d all be loving those liberal Arab hippies who are like Jesus. They’d all be washing the feet of others. They’d be eating with Democrats and hugging crack addicts. They’d be rushing into prisons to save the condemned, and they’d be loving the hell out of “terrorists.” There would be no cheers over drone strikes. There’d be no joy over the killing of anyone, regardless of their sins.

There would be, however, an awful lot of bruised cheeks, both left and right side.

After all, do any of us know sin-free Christians? If not, how can one of them throw the stone as Jesus asked? Ah, the devil is in the details, and the proverbial Jesus seems to have given conservative American Christians an impossible example to follow. Either that or Jesus certainly changed his mind about everything he taught since ascending into that board room in the sky. Whichever, it seems that despite some notable exceptions in history Christians have given up being like Jesus and have rather sought to make Jesus more like them.

What clearer failure can a religion endure than when the Master it is founded on becomes as irrelevant as a bumper sticker?

What surer failure can a religion find than when the teachings of its founder are less important than the wood on which it is believed he died?

I don’t mind if someone holds on to a rosary believing it will get them to some place that their actions could not. I don’t care if someone believes unreasonably that the world is only 9,000 years old. What I do mind is open hypocrisy on which we have to endure lecture after lecture and statement after statement from these misguided people—where who I am is decided by what they believe. That’s when I mind.

So, stop with the nonsense that America is a Christian nation. Stop telling me how wrong gay marriage is and about how homosexuality is a sin. Stop telling me about the value of life when discussing abortion while you are hoping for the death of a convicted criminal. Stop with the clarifying statements that somehow reconcile your anti-Christ-like thoughts with the teachings of the story you pretend to believe in.

Harsh words, I know, but necessary to me nonetheless. I don’t apologize to those who find these words offensive unless they can prove me wrong. I welcome the debate, but please don’t start it out with how the earth was created in less than a week and how each and every woman I know owes me something for my rib. Instead, show me something tangible that doesn’t take a lifetime of conditioning and a lack of intelligence to believe. Do that, and I will apologize wholeheartedly and beg for forgiveness.



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About Tom Grasso (Gyandeva)

Tom Grasso is a Colorado-based seeker, meditator, blogger (new site), and creative wordsmith. More importantly, he is a father of three (meaning he is also a lecturer, teacher, chef, order taker, taxi driver, coach, mentor and aspirin addict) and has found great joy in sharing his life experience to the benefit of others. Tom is an abuse survivor and a reformed (though unapologetic) bad ass warrior who bares the scars of his adventures and the power of transformation in every word he writes. As a former firefighter and rescue tech, Tom understands the fragility of life and the impermanence of each moment. You can follow Tom on Tumblr , and can find his books on Amazon. You will soon be able to purchase Tom's short stories (and erotica) at Don't forget to like his "blog page" at Tom Grasso, Writer on Facebook.  


17 Responses to “Jesus Must Have Changed His Mind.”

  1. Jeff says:

    Peace, indeed.

    Thank you Brother!

  2. Ryan says:

    I find your logical thinking to be offensive to my freedom to ignore the truth! My Jesus sounds nothing like the sappy hippie you describe! I've no need to prove you wrong, because I live in my own delusional world where my opinion is truth. Sir, there is no room for reason in the world i've created in my mind, and I ask that you keep it to yourself. FYI, you just got on my Jesus' shit list!

    Good day sir!

  3. Rob says:

    the reason u don't believe is from somewhere inside you something became unbearable in your life so striking out against the teachings of your childhood became the only way u could cope Jesus died on the cross because we are all sinners believe me all that say the are christians are not going where they think they are as he said So, because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I am about to spit you out of my mouth. Jesus was the only man without sin so our sins may be forgiven best of luck with your pursuits

  4. Nigel Goodnow says:

    If you're a Facebooker, there's an amusing little page: Things Jesus Never Said, that would probably be up your alley:

  5. tomgrasso says:

    Amen… 🙂

  6. tomgrasso says:

    I will await the bolt of lightning…


  7. tomgrasso says:

    Rob, I hear this all of the time, and it is absolute garbage. I would say the only reason you are willing to put faith in a story that is unproven about a man who no one can prove ever existed (you'd think such a miracle worker would have surfaced in the many historical texts of the time) is because it has become some kind of coping mechanism for YOU (much like Nietzsche suggested religion is nothing more than a crutch cleverly disguised as strength).

    Either way, I value Christians who are willing to keep their voodoo private as they use it in service of the Universe without condition. The trouble is that there are so few of them that it appears extinction of that animal is apparently imminent. So much so that a vast majority of Christians neither live the message of their Master nor even know what it is.

    THAT was the point of my post…and you are free to debate that if you'd like.

  8. tomgrasso says:

    Nigel, that is such an ingenious site! I've liked it…and can't wait to read more of it. Thank you!

  9. Dawn Meysel says:

    Excellently written Tom. Thank you!

  10. tomgrasso says:

    You are a blessing Dawn. Thank you…

  11. Ken Davis says:

    It is a wonderful thing to see you share you great mind, brother. It is all too rare that one take the spiritual life seriously enough to actually apply serious CRITICAL thinking to spiritual life. By critical I mean, well considered and with intellectual honesty and integrity. Even more rare, is that such a person is willing to SHARE these thoughts of spiritual life so adroitly! None of this is any surprise as we have had many powerful exchanges in the past, starting from the first 5 minutes of our meeting!

    Now, in the name of the Oneness that underlies ALL, is compassion for "Fundamentalist" possible? (Sort of "Sympathy For the Devil" only inside-out, Sort of) 🙂

    What is your thought?

  12. alley says:

    Praying for you, you seem lost. Most people have forgotten that all of what is happening in the world today is in the Bible, including the way people including Christians will act. But remember this, we are human, God knew that we would need a savior, He knew we would always fall short. He said there would never be another perfect being in the world. I pray that Jesus reveals Himself to you so you can truly "see" with His eyes.

  13. tomgrasso says:

    Alley, it isn't that we have forgotten that what is going on today is written in the Bible (it occurs in many "spiritual" texts in a similar manner), it is that it isn't miraculous to some of us.


    Because what is going on now has been going on since the beginning of human existence…or at least shortly thereafter. It's no marvel of divinity that the writers of the Bible could write about our current human condition because it was also their current human condition.

    What you should, in my opinion, be focused on is the fact that despite the many religions that have sprung trying to answer the human condition NOT ONE has been the answer. I'd suggest to you it is because people are looking in places like the Bible for answers that they can answer themselves, with much certainty, if they were only willing to take personal responsibility for who they want to be.

    In other words, we should all be WRITING the book instead of READING the book. Only then can we practically apply the knowledge of who we know ourselves to be rather than the edict of someone else who lived thousands of years ago.

    See, the truth hasn't changed, and although your Jesus may have preached about the truth, and Buddha may have preached about the truth, you don't KNOW the truth because you haven't found it out for yourself, you've lived it vicariously through the often-mistranslated words of someone else. See, it is apparently clear to me through observation that as long as man can blame something else for everything that is good, bad or indifferent we will NEVER find that state of bliss we seek. As long as we can blame Satan for bad, God for good, and a mixture of either for everything in between we will never see the true power of who we are, and we will continue to live in this condition we seem so eager to accept.

    I may read a million times about how someone climbed a mountain, but I haven't climbed the mountain until I put down the book and start climbing. Experience is the Master, and I'm not sure that God would have created anything that couldn't save itself. Not at least the God I know.

  14. tomgrasso says:

    Ken, my brother!

    Fundamentalism is but one exercise of many for compassion it seems. So, I'd say it is not only possible, it is a necessary part of our spiritual work. After all, if we use the Christ example told in the story of the New Testament, it is obvious that he challenged others to "love the least of" his brethren for a reason. Because it is tough work, and necessary work, if you are to promote love, peace, and harmony the world over.

    Add to that the fact that I believe we are all fundamentalist about some part of our lives, if we can't show compassion and love to those we label "fundamentalist" we certainly are going to have a hard time showing it to ourselves.

    Don't you find that once you are free of such illusions it becomes much easier to be compassionate towards those who aren't? I find that those who have the hardest time showing compassion to those afflicted with fundamentalists are often fundamentalist themselves.

  15. kendavisiii says:

    Great answer and I agree.

    Tom, the short answer is to why Christianity must have an intercessor is that it is a consequence of the idea that God created the world form NOTHING. The idea is that only an intercessor (Jesus) could bridge such a gap when the previous “God’s” formed the world from existent material. God as a worker of materials is not so foreign. A God that creates everything for nothing was much harder to relate to.

    BTW, I have found that mostly we don’t actually under stand what is meant when someone uses the term God. Until this is clear there is much cross talk and miscommunication.

    I my experience is that this can be understood by asking two question. The answer to these questions in combination renders 4 possible understandings of God.

    1)How involved is God in the happenings of this world / Universe
    2)How judgmental is God of the happenings of the world / Universe

    Very involved / Very judgmental
    Very involved / Not judgmental
    Not involved / Very judgmental
    Not involved / Not judgmental

  16. tomgrasso says:

    Ken, that would assume that this entity we call "God" in all Its various forms and descriptions is SEPARATE from the Universe. I don't see it that way.

  17. CoachKenDavis says:

    Please tell me how it matters if God is or is not separate from the universe in-in-so far-as these questions are concerned. How do you see it?