May 7, 2013

Jyotish {Vedic} Horoscopes for the Week of 5.06.

This week will require a certain amount of “warrior spirit” from each of us. There is heat, combustion, purification, transformation and restructuring happening. Egos are not safe.

There will likely be an array of discomforts presenting themselves. Cut everyone some slack this week—the pressure is being felt from all sides. Watch communication exchanges as misinterpretations are likely. The heat is on. Stay cool and mind your Self.

The Sun and Ketu collide in Aries and will be in exact degrees on May 7th at 2:39 CDT while Mercury and Mars conjoin on May 7th at 19:28 CST with a sandhi (in the gap between signs and delicate) moon just entering Aries. Venus is sandhi until mid week. The week ends on May 12th with Mars, Ketu, and (Rahu by aspect from Libra) in exact degrees at 16:36 in Aries, while moon is weak leaving its place of exaltation (Taurus) where Venus and Jupiter are transiting.

Moon moves through Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini. Moon goes into its place of exaltation, Taurus, in the wee hours of Friday morning, May 10th. New moon on May 9th in Aries at 19:29 CDT. Moon, Mars, mercury and Sun will all be in Bharani nakshatra and in close degrees with each other and Ketu at this time.

This nakshatra is ruled by Venus, and thereby is connected to water, life giving qualities as well as relationships, love, beauty etc. Bharani has a certain sensitivity as its symbol is a yoni. Bharani, however, is ruled by the deity, Yama, Lord of death, purification, dharma, and transformations. There is intense destruction happening at this time. What the form of that destruction is for you will be determined by your birth chart and own karmas.

This is a very transformational week for the soul and psyche as well as egos and lineage baggage.

The annual solar eclipse will be on the May 9th at 19:23 CDT for the US with Sun and Moon in exact conjunction at 19:27 CDT. Normally, this would end the delicate time period between the lunar and solar eclipses, but we have another lunar eclipse on May 25th (Lord Buddha’s Birthday). The transits continue to bring intense conjunctions to us through the end of May, so keep this in mind as you navigate the coming weeks.

Akshaya Tritiya is Sunday May 12th for the US. This is considered the most auspicious day of the year. This is a day to start new projects, take powerful action steps and claim your success. It is said that anything started on this day will be returned in infinite supply. Take bold actions today towards career, relationships and creative pursuits. Wear gold and gems—some even go shopping on this day! Be intentional and make your desires known to the Universe.

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: Watch the sweets intake and notice if there are temptations to drink and drug. Keep your diet clean and words pure. There is vulnerability this week. Watch for irritation and irrational angry outbursts. Where is this discomfort coming from? Some of your work should be focused on familial and lineage patterns that connect to relationships. Ask your mother and father for guidance, support and comfort. Your ancestors are also available—just ask. Take care of your children and education and try to keep up beat. Getting rest through meditation is the best comfort and support right now.

Taurus: This week is still a “lay low” kind of week. If you can get it done from your bed or from an ashram, then go for it, otherwise try to postpone the big stuff. Meditation is essential as well as clean diet and routine. It is tempting to overindulge right now and to not mind your guru(s). It will take courage and perseverance to do your emotional work. Some comfort is coming, so don’t slack off on the important inner growth potential just because it is too easy to be lazy. Go for depth. Go the extra mile. Go for an inner overhaul. Go for gold.

Gemini: Things may feel progressive on some level. You can thank your intuition for any clarity. Continue to trust your “gut” instincts and don’t get blown into a frenzy with the storm winds that are brewing. This week brings some sensitivities. Remember to use the discomfort for growth rather than negating it. You may be enjoying some passionate interludes right now. Go for it, just realize that a “head check” is on the horizon. This is a time of growth and complete transformation— relying on your old habits won’t continue to fly much longer.

Cancer: Expect some gains especially through friends. Passions, intuition and intelligence may feel vulnerable. Your career is going through a massive transition. Likely you are feeling it on a soul level as well as a mental level. Perhaps you are the one that has changed and created new possibilities for your Self? The work you are doing emotionally is connected to your mother and lineage matters. What is good for you, is good for the ancestors. Reclaim your dharmic pursuits and trust that you are moving mountains for more than just your Self right now. Keep asking for the highest.

Leo: Your recent work has been on a soul level. You have been rediscovering comfort, balance and a new sense of emotional stability. You have asked for support and it has shown up. Your ego has been restructured. Have you taken notes? This is ancestral courage showing up for you. Thank those who have come before for showing you these lessons and offering you new tools. Take the growth of the last month and direct it towards an external offering now. How can you give this new awareness as a gift? On the altar of humanity? As a refinement of your dharma? 

Virgo: The portal to your past has been wide open. You have been feeling the vulnerabilities, the discomforts, the ancestral and familial patterns stirring within you. Your career and dharma as well as your soul, are all going through many changes and the ego is getting restructured as well. Continue to trust in the process, but ask for the necessary support that is needed right now. Teachers, gurus and guides will bring comfort for this time of change. A dawning is coming, but right now you are still working in the shadows. Learn to dance in the dark.

Libra: You are really wrestling with some old demons. They say if you roll with the pigs, you get dirty. Is it time to clean your self up and get the real work done? The issues coming to you from “others” is you wrestling with your own ego. It’s exhausting. Surrender will be a much better use of your energy, but you must still be fearlessly looking into your shadows. The work you are doing is work that you are doing for the ancestors as well. These are the old patterns showing up—now is a good time to do what you can to help heal your family wounds and relationship patterns. It is especially important to avoid overindulgence in drugs and alcohol as well as sugar right now. Be careful what you put in your mouth and what comes out of it. This is not a time to be reckless.

Scorpio: If you haven’t come out of your corner yet, I would only do so delicately and with some slight trepidation. Your house of healing, enemies, bad habits is still charged. What have you been learning about your self? Your responses to the “enemies”? Your bad habits? You have surely uncovered some excellent food for thought recently. This week will complete some of that necessary digestion. Look for new support, comfort and relationships that align with your greater awareness. Use your new awareness to create a new sense of support and comfort as well. You are creating space for the new and the sacred to take place in your life. Trust the process. Trust life to deliver. Trust your Self.

Sagittarius: Getting clear about your needs is essential. Use your intelligence, intuition and decisiveness to create a clear road map for your Self. Take an appropriate action step or two in order to create momentum. Your soul is craving new knowledge, more depth, and a creative outlet. It’s time to start thinking differently and taking the necessary steps to do so. You are healing, digesting, and conquering bad habits right now. Watch diet and routine and avoid the big ones: sugar, alcohol, drugs, negative thinking patterns. Use the cravings to navigate your real needs for comfort and safety, then go into the shadows and do the work.

Capricorn: New knowledge and support is coming to you, you may also be feeling more passionate and romantic. Channel this properly in order to maximize its potential. Put this bravery towards your career and your emotional work and see if you can’t find some new outlets, possibilities and courage. Your career challenges are about more than just you. They are connected to old lineage patterns as well. The work here is dharmic and effects more than just you—its also about your ancestors—especially your mother’s line. Any discomfort and lack of support is old woundology. Heal it now. Put your effort on it now. Ask for support from your ancestors and from those who have proven themselves steadfast. Ask for clarity and courage.

Aquarius: Your courage to grow has continued to steadily increase. I hope you are documenting the changes, the process, the unfoldment. There is a certain artistry in your effort. Paint it, draw it, write it, dance it. Explore parts of your Self through the creative and redefine your relationship to Self as a result of this opening. Your career continues to evolve with these inner transitions. Get in touch with emotions, heart, home, comfort and moksha this week, but notice the intelligent changes in your responses. There are tests for your ego coming from “others” but note your reactions. How have they changed?

Pisces: These vulnerabilities and the patterns you are experiencing can be traced to your family and ancestral lineage. What are your greatest needs? Support, comfort, wealth and sustenance are driving you right now. There is a direct connection to your early childhood experiences and these feelings of discomfort and lack of support. Be courageous in your pursuit of new knowledge. Expressive Art Therapy is an excellent resource for navigating the emotional work. It can help you gain the depth that is necessary and safely push you into the darkness. Your creative process is an essential part of your growth and directly correlates to restructuring your sense of security. Do the work for your Self, but do it also for restoring the family dharma.



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Ed: Bryonie Wise


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