Mother’s Day is for Lovers—10 Free & Easy Ways to Shower Her With Love.

Via Jennifer S. White
on May 12, 2013
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Source: via Mystify Me on Pinterest
Source: via Mystify Me on Pinterest

Mother’s Day is a family affair—and it’s just as important for spouses to show their love as it is for children.

Not all children are raised in a household of love, I’m well aware of this sad truth. However, for those of us in marriages or partnerships, Mother’s Day can be a great way to show the original love of your life how much you care.

Here are 10 ways to show mom that she’s still number one in all of your hearts—with no need to dash out to the store last minute.

1. Breakfast in bed. Need I say more?

2. Clean up. My husband is always good about getting his hands dirty to make sure that our home stays spotless, but I especially appreciated a shiny, clean house on Mother’s Day weekend.

3. Give her a massage. No you don’t have to be a pro. Just ask her what feels good and start with her feet if you’re not sure at all what to do.

4. Let her relax. This one is free, but takes vigilance throughout the day. Ask her if she wants a drink. Change diapers for the little ones. In short, do the small household chores that allow her to put her recently massaged feet up.

5. Let her sleep in. I woke up early because I have a sore throat, but most mamas out there always love to sleep in while you take care of the kids, breakfast, etc. So you didn’t get on that today? Good thing there’s a new day—and a new opportunity—continually on the horizon. 

6. Make the coffee. Again, need I say more?

7. Remember it’s the little things. It’s the little things you say and don’t say that she remembers. Offer her sincere compliments, treat her with respect (today and everyday) and tell her you love her.

8. Act excited. So it’s Sunday, and you only get two days off yourself. You have things you want to do, darn it. Well, too bad. Put on a happy face and remember that your day of doting will come soon too.

9. Make dinner. If your kids are anything like mine (meaning, if they are still quite young) then going out to dinner can be stressful. If you really want to treat her to a special meal at her old favorite spot, consider making her a gift card for just the two of you for another evening, or take her out to brunch (when little kids aren’t rubbing their eyes and getting tired). Better yet, consider making dinner. It honestly doesn’t matter if you “can’t cook.” That way she’ll be even more surprised at your efforts from love.

10. Don’t stress out. You had the perfect day planned and then she woke up with a sore throat (just an idea), or that stellar brunch was severely lacking. Trust me, laugh it off. Don’t let your day get bogged down in whether or not it went perfectly. After all, she’s used to things getting caught in the spokes—it’s called life. Help her enjoy this day by having a good attitude no matter what curve-balls are thrown your way (and that’s a great rule of thumb for tomorrow too).

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there.

You’ve earned this day of heavenly pampering, and, spouses, remember that if you make her feel like the most beautiful, loved woman on the planet today, you both win. Enjoy!


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