Moving on is So Hard.

Via Peg Mulqueen
on May 9, 2013
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Or, I think so anyhow.

True, there are some natural and exciting “rites of passage” built into our lives that help us on our way—graduations, marriages and births. But also some not so enjoyable that leave us with no other choice—like the passing of a loved one or a relationship’s abrupt end.

Sometimes it’s clear the need to move onward and sometimes not. But almost always, it’s hard.

So, so hard.

Why? Because moving on also means leaving something or someone, behind. And that’s not just hard—it can be sad and scary.

Adulthood sheds its carefree child, a baby turns two into three, and no matter how sincere the promise is between lovers to remain friends, the relationship has changed without revocation.

Yet, we often try to hold on while still trying to moving forward—only to find ourselves in a holding pattern that moves in neither direction. Stuck.

My teacher has a saying in the practice room (besides “No!”)…Onward! he directs.

Your work here is done—move on. Finish this posture so you can tackle the next.

He says to me: Peg, you have what you need to work forward. It’s time.

Because here’s the thing…nothing and no one actually leaves us as much as makes us. Every experience and relationship up until now has prepared us by making us stronger, wiser, kinder and most of all—ready.

Goodbyes are sad—and the newness of the road ahead is not bereft of risks and challenges of its own.

But it’s going to be okay; besides, it’s time.

So, in the words of my teacher…Onward!

Let one chapter close so a new one can begin and allow yourself to grow into what’s next —knowing you’ll always carry with you the best of what was.


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About Peg Mulqueen

With a gentle warmth and contagious sense of humor, Peggy shares her passion of life and love with all those she meets. She was a counselor for many years before stumbling upon one of the oldest forms of healing therapies: yoga. Since then, she has been helping others lead lives of change and renewal, exploration and—all from a yoga mat. When not on her mat, Peggy (her husband and two children close at hand) can be found on a surf board in Maui—learning to fall off gracefully and get back up, or suspended 500 feet in the air on a zip line over a Costa Rican jungle—conquering her fear of heights, or searching for the perfect cast, fly fishing in the wilder places of Montana. You can follow her adventures in yoga on her blog here.


3 Responses to “Moving on is So Hard.”

  1. Anne says:

    Peg – Were you listening in on the conversation I had with my mother last night? Great article!

  2. @pegmulqueen says:

    thanks anne! most of my articles are letters to myself! haha! i'm happy to hear, however, i'm not the only one who needed this message! xo

  3. jean Marie says:

    Thanks for sharing this letter to yourself! "Onward" is perhaps the best thing I have learned from DG.