May 31, 2013

Radiant Yoga. ~ Stacey Huard


Yoga To Light a Path of Your Own Creation

As your feet mesh into the mat beneath, do you feel the connection?

Do you feel a connection that is much deeper than the simple awareness of your outer sensations? Is it a connection that has you wondering where you begin and where you end?

Can you allow the resistance to release long enough to feel the surge of aliveness within, like a flowing stream? Are you able to soften the mind for long enough to feel this stream join with something greater than itself and begin to circle around your entire being?

We don’t need science to tell us that we have an energy flow moving within.

In this moment and with every breath, we are nourished by the sensations of aliveness so profoundly that we start to question the presence of this physical body.

And so we ground again, feel the connection with the mat and free the mind.

This balance, which the practice so eloquently instills, allows us to find a place between two opposing forces. We allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to feel the arms of mother earth nurturing our physical bodies. We are inspired enough to move the flow surging within us towards father sky—it is in this moment that we know.

We know that we aren’t the labels we subconsciously signal to all those we meet. We are not the emotions and experiences that present themselves in our reality, but rather the creators of such.

As a teacher of the practice, I am not asking my students to leave the labels and experiences behind but instead to know that we are what we do, what we have and how we live.

When we acknowledge our true selves as the sky, with the background of weather around us, we can make the choice to be taken with the turbulence or rest in the flow beneath. So have comfort and know that when you are sitting in this place of knowing, your intentions will only be of love and joy and thus only the same will be created.

Know that you are beings of pure joy and your manifestations in this life will always be a result of how strongly you believe in your truth.

It is a truth that can be denied for only so long: towards the end of your days in this physical body or in this moment with all the vibrancy and life that you can muster.

Breathe and release the cords of attachment.

Allow them to fall away regardless of what they represent and free yourself into the feeling of lightness.

Notice the labels of what you once acknowledged as part of you unravel with ease, as if they have been waiting for your permission the entire time.

When life once again begins to happen to you, find your way back to your mat and connect.

Feel the security of the earth all around you.

Photo: Tanveer Iqbal

When you’re ready, release the bondage and open your heart again to your greatness. I am not saying that this is an easy road, free of challenges and bumps along the way. I do know that with a steady practice, groomed with life experiences, there are no words to express the sense of oneness you’ll feel with all that is.

Perhaps the biggest gift this life can offer as we feel pulled outside of ourselves are the moments that shake us, the moments that challenge our perspectives and ask us to question where we’re going.

When we make the decision to travel back home again, we are filled with the love of a thousand suns. We are provided with the ability to stand in the light and find our way back into this experience. Knowing we are connected, we enter the flow as radiant beings with the ability to shine the way for ourselves and perhaps another.

So let us go enter into the flow of oneness and experience through creation together, guided with every step by the light. And as your light, or perhaps mine, begins to flicker, may we allow the illumination of another to nurture our path until we can once again release the radiance within.


Stacey Huard, registered nurse, yoga teacher, aspiring writer and nutrition geek. With much support and courage I made a decision to fully embrace this big, beautiful, radiant life and commit my work towards the journey of sharing how we feed all the layers of who we are in an act of self-love. Many blessings have lead me where I am and it is my intention to shine light on the miraculous being that you are.


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