Ryan Van Duzer & the Case of the Boldest Bolder Boulder Blog Ever. America!

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on May 19, 2013
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All Nine of Ryan Van Duzer’s funny, inspiring Bolder Boulder videos. High Five!

Bonus: Psych yourself up: The Bolder Boulder race!

And, from BolderBoulder 2013: “Thank you to Waylon and Duzer for stopping by to share in the fun! Tomorrow Waylon from the elephantjournal.com will be running his first BolderBOULDER in 26 years, cheer him on if you see him!” > BolderBoulder Lunch Packing Party! {Video}


“I just made a playlist of all my BolderBOULDER coverage starting in 2007! Who’s ready for next Monday?”

The quickest way to get psyched for the Bolder Boulder or any other run? To learn tips from champions? Watch these (fun) videos and get inspired to have fun—and test your inner strength.

Ryan Van Duzer, Mr. Bolder Boulder himself, has been running and now making videos about this great race for years. Look for a few big cameos by Dr. Oz, the legendary Frank Shorter and Rick Reilly (well-loved Sports Illustrated writer).

Via Duzer:

“I’ve said it a million times, the BolderBOULDER is my absolute favorite day of the year! I love how our entire community comes together for this magical day. I love the music, I love the costumes, I love the slip N Slide, I love the Neil Diamond in the Stadium, I love the flyover-ZOOM! I love the Belly Dancers, I love the elite race, I love it all. Here’s all my race coverage starting in 2007 to get you pumped up for next Monday!”

Can’t get enough wholesome trouble-making? Click here for many more Duzer video adventures.


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One Response to “Ryan Van Duzer & the Case of the Boldest Bolder Boulder Blog Ever. America!”

  1. Maureen says:

    This article is complete BULLSHIT.
    First of all, yoga is simply stretching. It does not "detox" your kidneys and live. Sure some people may find it relaxing, just as others find fishing, arts and crafts, watching TV, gardening, any other hobby relaxing, but that doesn't equate to weight loss. Third, yoga does not help to "release stuck emotions" and even if it does, that does not equate to weight loss. All of this new-age hippie dippie BS does not even represent the real yoga practiced in India for centuries.

    To achieve real weight loss you must make dietary changes and do aerobic exercise. Yoga paired with Cardio and a better diet are excellent steps to weight loss. But the author's listed reasons are quite frankly ridiculous and laughable. Just another dumb White girl who thinks she understands yoga and preaches pretentious hipster bullshit. Sorry sweetie.