The Gift my Mother Gave to Me. (Heartwarming Video)

Via Tara Lemieux
on May 13, 2013
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“You can. You must. You will.” — Eunice Shriver

These are the words shared by Kennedy family matriarch, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, and to her daughter, Maria Shriver.

Her words were simple, but their meaning most profound—in that all things, when done with the fullness of heart, are possible.

In this most beautiful video, Maria Shriver tells the story of how her mother broke through all social barriers in founding the Special Olympics—and in doing so, became the torch-bearer for so many young dreamers.

“You are the stars,” she urged these most brilliant young souls, “and the world is watching you.”

Today, her dream lives on in the hearts of over 2.5 million athletes representing over 180 different countries. And, this year marks the 45th anniversary of the very first Special Olympic games held on a small field in Chicago. But most noteworthy, her legacy has touched millions of lives, and inspired many countless more.

And, it all started with just one single thought—unobstructed by any of doubt’s most sinister veils.

“By your presence, you send a message to every village…every city…every nation—a message of hope, a message of victory.”

Indeed, we all have a gift to share with this world—and that is one limitless belief.

Video: The Gift My Mother Gave to Me.


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