What Do Corn Chips Have to Do with Enlightenment? ~ Mark DiFilippo

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on May 17, 2013
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Blue corn tortilla chips

So what’s so different between me and this corn chip? Or the water, sun, trees, the grass, or even this chair—or you?

Why do we feel so isolated and so separate, so often? Are we really all that different from one another? From the world around us? There are as many takes on the Buddhist concept of non-self as there are bumps and ridges on an organic tortilla chip.

Mark DiFilippo of ReturnToYourBreath.com shares his understanding of the concept while crunching his way towards enlightenment.

“What, there’s no me?”



Mark DiFilippo, MA, EdS, LAC, is a holistic psychotherapist, mindfulneMark DiFilipposs teacher and founder of ReturnToYourBreath.com.  He believes that every good thing in life begins with the breath.  In fact, he believes that mindfully accessing your breath is the foundation for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, sexual and relationship health! He is also the proud daddy of the greatest 11 year old Zen master you’ve ever met. You can find his weekly web series and access his professional services at his website.


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4 Responses to “What Do Corn Chips Have to Do with Enlightenment? ~ Mark DiFilippo”

  1. Lex says:

    The definition of related can take on many incarnations. The more intelligent we become liberates the limited definition based on same family, group and type to spirituality, culturally, atomically and so on.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.


  2. returntoyourbreath says:

    Thanks, Lex, for your response. So . . . . we're all truly related despite our usual culturally-limiting definitions of "relations". Do I catch your meaning correctly?

    "Atomically". I like that. I love the idea that we are made of the same stuff that created the earth, the solar system, the entire universe!

    Om Tat Sat!

  3. amy louderback says:

    there’s a cloud + an ocean in this corn chip! WOW. that changes everything! that means there’s a dinosaur in the oily puddle i just stepped over, huh?
    thanks for this great reminder!! there’s so much power in our inter- connectedness.

  4. returntoyourbreath says:

    Dinosaurs in oily puddles, yes!!! I've been thinking about what all this interconnectedness means about our behavior. Perhaps we should be careful in all of our actions, as other phenomena (not only people) are affected by everything we do. There's a bit of you in me, now, as we've had this interaction. What do harmful interactions do to who we are?