Walk the Talk Show: Waylon Lewis on “Club Yoga” at Wanderlust, Colorado.

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on May 3, 2013
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elephant’s not about the “the green life”, because if you’re yelling at your children about recycling, clearly something’s off, right. But if we’re just meditating and letting the world burn, that’s selfish. We call it “the mindful life”:


“Community really is the answer, but community is almost the opposite of cliquishness or clubbiness. I was a huge nerd in junior high, which always gave me a compassion and empathy for wallflowers. So I think if we could all take that as a mindfulness task—to engage the people who don’t seem like they’re comfortable and spend a little less energy talking to the yoga instructor…instead, talk to someone who looks lonely.”

~ Waylon Lewis, huge nerd, at Wanderlust Colorado, 2012

Wanderlust is welcoming Waylon back to Wanderlust Colorado in 2013: he’ll hosting another Speakeasy session on Sunday July 7th at 10am entitled, “Buddhist Meditation for Business, Family & Bliss in Everyday Life: Social Activism Starts at Home” (sign up for the talk here), as well as two hikes around the theme of “God, She is to be found in the out-of-doors” (sign up for his hikes here).


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2 Responses to “Walk the Talk Show: Waylon Lewis on “Club Yoga” at Wanderlust, Colorado.”

  1. Nathalie Carvalho says:

    Hi Waylon!
    I've been reading elephant for a while, and its pretty much the only thing i'm really "hooked" to on the internet, since in general I'm not a technologically inclined person. I even go to facebook more often nowadays, sorta in search of another good article on my newsfeed (elephant is the one thing that makes any of my trips into facebookland worth it, amidst all the ridiculousness that overwhelms my newsfeed). I've never commented on here because I tend to retract from sharing my opinions online. Also, I just have a problem expressing myself through words, so trying to put any of my thoughts on a permanent public forum literally sounds like my worst nightmare.
    And yet, i felt compelled to write something after watching you on this video.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is….thank you.

    Thank you for your relentless work trying (and accomplishing) to change the way things are, and for abiding by your values. I really mean it. As a 23 year old, somewhat recent college grad out in the "real world", full of energy and an unshakable belief in the incredible potential we have as human beings, it has been so necessary to have people like you to inspire me; especially when most people i encounter tend to want to diminish or brush off my so-called "idealism" and fervent sensitivity towards the suffering happening all over the place. But my fire, even when its close to being extinguished, is ALWAYS reignited whenever I dive into elephantland. This place refocuses me on what matters, its keeps me grounded in reality, but also allows me to dream that i can change that reality, and therefore because i'm allowed to dream it here, i actually start taking action.

    Oh wow…ok, so its late and i'm exhausted and kinda fell into a rant ahha…..ANYWAY, i just wanted to make sure you really knew how much of an integral part of my development and growth into adulthood you have been (and i'm sure i'm not speaking just for myself). I could never be grateful enough. The world is in dire need of more people like you, and i hope i can follow in your footsteps and create change through my own medium (i'm an actress) as much as you have through yours. I hope i can make you proud and be like you when i "grow up". ahha

    Sending so much love your way!

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