5 Ways to Tell You’re Growing as an Individual (in Your Relationship).

Via Tracy Crossley
on Jun 11, 2013
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We can read all sorts of books and articles; seek out therapists, coaches and gurus, but still not really know if we’re moving toward different territory on our journey.

When it comes to relationships, how can we tell if we’re really changing our perception, our feelings or how we approach them?

Here’s a quick list to reference to help recognize the little things we do, which highlight major shifts:

1. What text message?

We may type out a statement on our phone or computer, but just can’t bring ourselves to hit send. It doesn’t feel right, it feels off, manipulative or sabotaging, so we stop. We may not be so clear on what we really want to say to our lover, but we realize the old stuff no longer suits our perception.

We search for kinder, more fulfilling words that express our own truth. I love you. I am happy. I hope you have an amazing day.

2. Personalizing moods, words and actions

…is becoming a thing of the past. Perhaps, not every time, but enough where we notice we’re not reacting to our mate over every little things that happens. We’re able to feel the space between us where it used to be skintight with personalizing everything to mean something unflattering about ourselves.

Now when our girlfriend says that some days she feels she is not in her body, but somewhere else….we don’t take it personally. We can be compassionate and loving, because in reality it’s what we are learning to do with ourselves.

3. Forget the needle and thread

We can stop ourselves in the midst of a thought about how we can help our esteemed mate through a problem. We stop fixing this person with the hope that if we do, we’ll have what we want. Instead, if advice or information is asked for, we share it, but we don’t direct it at them with laser beam focus in the hope that they’ll finally get a clue and be what we want.

We accept them. We accept ourselves; it comes in bits and pieces, but when we start to notice we can stop ourselves from mending something that isn’t torn to shreds to begin with, we’re on a roll. We’ll also notice our mate isn’t looking for the nearest exit either.

4. Out of Control

That’s right, we’re letting our mate move out of our control.

We no longer spend an inordinate amount of time setting up scenarios with our wished-for outcome (nor are we throwing down the gauntlet when we don’t get our way). We’ve started to become accustomed to surprise and letting things happen, because now our partner wants to give that to us. It’s amazing when we allow our partner space to think, breathe and create without our help…they come toward us in the most delicious ways.

Even if their actions don’t change, holding so tightly to our mate’s every move only increases the distance between us.

Notice when we give space and allow; we can congratulate ourselves for giving our mate and us a gift.

5. Love is more than the word

Love becomes a feeling, emotion and action within us.

When change in our perception really shows up, we may find ourselves in the midst of an egoistic moment—where we’d normally have to have our way or bludgeon our partner with our words—only to find the space to drop in our heart for a moment. We find ourselves feeling softer and able to feel the love rather than hear the battle in our head.

We respond in a way to our partner that engenders more love and conciliation. Love isn’t a battlefield. When we have the awareness that our behavior is destructive rather than creative at any point in time, and we shift to the heart, we can give ourselves a huge pat on the back.

It’s not just showing our partner love, but we’re showing ourselves too. Love is our truest, most complete space. Any time we live in its place, we’re connected, more peaceful and able to share through our actions unconditional love.

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About Tracy Crossley

Tracy Crossley is a hyphenate: female, writer, curiosity quencher, artist, poet, gardener of real gardens and existential ones, clairvoyant, and momma to grown ups. She owns Intuitive Reinvention Inc. She is currently speaking, writing and mentoring people on getting out of their heads and dysfunctional relationships and into living an authentic, anxiety-free, happy and loving existence. If you want to learn more about her and how she can help you, check out a complimentary discovery session with her click to learn and schedule., Or find her on social media, facebook page, blog and on twitter, she always follows back. She also has a free weekly podcast show on many topics she writes about here click here to listen.


10 Responses to “5 Ways to Tell You’re Growing as an Individual (in Your Relationship).”

  1. This was an excellent post. Just what I needed. As we begin to truly love another we can begin to let them be who they are fully without holding onto our preconceived notions of what they should be. We realize the boundaries between us and them. We start to understand that someday they will pass on as will we, which means that we should cherish them all the more.

  2. Rain F. says:

    Beautiful post Tracy! In fact, it just saved my relationship with my dearest. After we had a quarrel on the phone, I just wanted to end the relationship with him. So I started to type a text message to satisfy the persecutory impulse, in which I used sharp and unkind words in order to hurt his feelings, to let him get the taste of what I was having. However your post came to the rescue; it helped me realize that the content of the text wasn't really the message that I wanted him to receive, nor was it the true words for myself. It helped my hold back my wicked impulse to hurt my loved one, and gave myself some space to process the feelings. Now everything feels deferent, in a good way.

  3. Andy says:

    Brilliant. Thank you.

  4. Tracy says:

    Thank you Sebastian!! I love what you have to say, so TRUE! You have described true love. Beautiful.

  5. Tracy says:

    That is amazing Rain! It feels so much better to not punish someone we love, because it hurts us too. It's freeing, isn't it? I find myself becoming happier every time I realize I no longer need to do this to someone I love. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Tracy says:

    Thank you for reading and commenting, Andy! : )

  7. Summer says:

    Came across this (and it was posted on my birthday so that's cool) and love it!

  8. Penelope Sell says:

    This is fabulous advice – to heal the world! Love is wanting the loved one to be happy – that's it. Trusting life and giving space and allowing love to exist with its own way of becoming, rather than getting upset over our lack of control … not sure what I'm saying but I love your article Tracy, it is timely for me, (have been guilty of cutting cords too soon!) and am saving it to remind me how to behave when the going gets rough.

  9. Tracy says:

    Glad you came across it too! 🙂

  10. Tracy says:

    I love what you shared Penelope! Thank you and yes, cutting things off prematurely only holds us in a state of pain that we bring to the next relationship. 🙂 Love is where it's at!