June 6, 2013

A Message on the Mindful Use of Social Media in our Time.

Use media as you would a megaphone
or a musical instrument
make a true sound
use a crafted instrument
listen, first, and listen more
be silent
calm any desperation or hunger

learn to listen or we will become that insufferably talkative person who ruins every meeting, filling the space







listen more




blow, precisely, what lies in this heart
blow the truth
blow what needs to be heard
and keep blowing this breath as it travels from within to without
and when we do so
maintain eye contact with who we’re playing for
or, if it’s for ourself, and ourself alone, go to the highest mountaintop above the meadowed wildflowers, watered only by the sky
and blow out this heart
for this vulnerability is our inheritance, not our shame.
there is no goal
but to be true
and to be used
to serve is to be noble
to take is to grow cold
to be used is to become an instrument of compassion
and to serve is to pour out our love, and see it flood
this ragged, unjust society until it, like those highland flowers, learns to live on the sun and the water of the sky alone.

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